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Where will the femoral vein be in relation to the deep femoral vein? Superficial
What is the main drainage for blood leaving the calf? Popliteal vein
Where does the anterior tibial vein terminate into? Popliteal vein in the mid to upper regions of the popliteal fossa
What is one of the major storage areas for blood in the calf? A network of veins called the soleal sinus veins
Name on pitfall of venous imaging of the lower extremities Limited visualization, body habitus resulting in veins being positioned deeply, compression of deeper veins can be challenging, wounds/dressings/etc.
Until the 1980s, how was venous thrombus in the extremities diagnosed? Using venography
What kind of thrombus is present if there is lightly echogenic/hypoechoic thrombus, poorly attached thrombus, spongy textured thrombus, or a dilated vein? Acute Thrombus
What is a characteristic of a chronic thrombus? Brightly echogenic/hyperechoic thrombus, well-attached thrombus, rigid textured thrombus, contracted vein (if totally obstructed), large collaterals
T or F: The human thrombolytic system is not capable of dissolving a venous thrombus False- it is capable
T or F: The thrombus will generally continue to expand until it has stretched the vein out to its maximum size True
What is one incidental finding that can be spotted while doing a venous exam? Cysts, hematomas, edema, abscesses, lymph nodes, tumors
What is the primary treatment for DVT? Anticoagulation medications such as heparin and warfarin
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