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Dental Materials

Chapter 8- Impression Materials

Alginate impression material is? A.expensive compared with other impression materials B. easy to use C. not affected by gain or loss of water D. well known for its long-term stability B. easy to use
Impression materials that have mechanical properties permitting considerable elastic deformation but that return to their original form are classified as: A. thermoplastic B. elastomeric C. inelastic D. resins B. elastomeric
Dr. Jones requested that you mix alginate and take an impression. While measuring the water, you did not notice how warm it was. This oversight will: A. make it unusable B. lengthen gelation time C. not affect gelation time D. shorten gelation time D. shorten the gelation time
Which of the following dental materials is an example of an aqueous elastomeric? A. impression compound B. ZOE impression paste C. polysulfide D. irreversible hydrocolloid E. addition silicone D. irreversible hydrocolloid
The brown paste used in rubber base is called the: A. polymer B. accelerator C. base D. filler B. accelerator
Dental impression compound is known as a/an: A. chemoplastic material B. irreversible material C. hydroelastic material D. thermoplastic material D. thermoplastic material
Which of the following is an example of an inelastic impression material? A. polysulfide B. ZOE impression paste C. alginate D. addition silicone B. ZOE impression paste
The term used for the setting of hydrocolloid impression materials is? A. crystallization B. polymerization C. curing D. gelation D. gelation
The popularity of agar impression material is limited by the: A. high cost B. need for special equipment C. poor reproduction of detail D. difficulty in pouring the impression B. need for special equipment
When agar impression slightly contracts and exudes water, it is termed: A. imbibition B. gelation C. syneresis D. hysteresis C. syneresis
Addition silicones are the most popular type of rubber impression materials. The reason for this is cost. A. true, false B. false, true C. true D. false A. true, false
Custom impression trays are made on a model of the patient's arch. Therefore, to make a custom tray, an alginate impression is also needed. A. true, false B. false, true C. true D. false C. true
Mrs. Smith has not been to the dentist for several years. It was found that she needed extensive restorative treatment. The impression material of choice would be: A. agar B. alginate C. dental impression compound D. addition silicone B. alginate
The impression tray that is used to record the prepared tooth, a bite registration, and an impression of the opposing teeth is a: A. stock tray B. custom tray C. triple tray D. bite registration tray C. triple tray
Which of the following impression materials set by physical means? A. agar B. ZOE C. alginate D. addition silicone A. agar
Created by: daisenmurray