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Final 2014-15

An unsafe lab practice is ... testing a substance by tasting it.
To research reliable information use a university website.
Broad, flat leaves are best adapted to absorbing light in a rain forest.
Animals best suited for cold environments have 2 layers of fur (inner layer insulates; outer layer sheds moisture & protects from the wind.)
How can fertilizers have a negative effect on the environment? Excess fertilizer can run off into streams causing an overgrowth of algae.
Why is an algae bloom detrimental? Fish can die due lack of oxygen.
How would a grazing animal react during a drought? Migrate farther to find food.
A landslide would force an animal to ... move to a new area.
Scientists will use plants in space to study ... the effects of gravity.
What is the energy transfer in animals for movement? Chemical Energy --> Mechanical Energy
What type of energy is stored in food? Chemical Energy
How do cells get more energy when you run? The heart pumps blood with more force AND your lungs work harder and faster for you to breath.
How can you reduce the amount of force needed to raise an object? Use an inclined plane.
When a net force acts on an object, the object will move... in the direction the direction of the applied force.
Carbohydrates can be broken down into smaller molecules called glucose
How can pizza be changed physically? Tear a piece off when biting it.
What happens when you chew food? Food is broken down physically and chemically.
What do organic compounds contain? Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen
Is glucose an organic compound? (C6 H12 O6) Yes
Is a cactus a producer? Yes
Is a plant a producer? Yes
Is a rat a producer? No
What is the process where dead organisms return organic matter back to the environment? Decomposition
Radiant Energy is changed into Chemical Energy during Photosynthesis
What transforms radiant energy into chemical energy? Producers such as grasses.
In the lab, when using a flammable substance, know... the location of the fire extinguisher and fire blanket.
To observe a plant or animal cell, use a ... microscope
A bird with a tweezer-like, pointy beak would eat ... insects out of tree bark.
Pioneer species such as lichen and moss would likely be found where? Newly formed volcanic island.
Ecological succession of a corn field left to rest would be ... grasses - flowering plants/weeds - shrubs - native trees
Name 3 adaptations of cacti. 1. Waxy, modified leaves or stems 2. Sharp spines to preserve moisture & provide protection 3. Long, shallow roots.
What are Clydesdale horses bred to do? Pull or carry very heavy loads.
Where is DNA found? Nucleus of a eukaryotic cell.
Asexual reproduction results in offspring having identical genetic material.
What is the passing of genetic information that is contained in chromosomes from one generation to the next. Heredity
Variety of hair color in the same litter of puppies results from... sexual reproduction
Why does a person vomit contaminated food? The body is trying to get rid of the harmful substance in the food.
How does a cold-blooded animal like an alligator warm itself? By lying on a river bank in the sun.
How are polar bears adapted to cold environments? Their skin is covered with transparent tube-like hairs that direct sunlight onto their black skin.
The Cell Theory states: 1. All living things come from cells. 2. Cells are the basic unit of living things. 3. Only cells can reproduce cells.
What has cell walls that provide shape and structure? Plant Cells
Cell organelle responsible for respiration; provides energy for the cell's processes. Mitochondria
Name 2 differences between plant and animal cells. Plant cells have chloroplasts and cell walls.
What is the correct order of organization in multi-cellular organisms? cell - tissue - organ - organ system - organism
Skeletal System functions are: 1. Protect vital organs and tissues. 2. Provide framework for mobility or movement. 3. Produce blood cells.
Which body system moves or transports oxygen to the cells and has white blood cells that help fight infections? Circulatory System
Which system moves oxygen into the blood and removes carbon dioxide from the blood? Respiratory System
Which system provides a strong framework for the body? Skeletal System
What internal structural adaptation do birds have? Hollow bones to reduce mass for flight.
An advantage of a guard dog is a loud Bark
Why do male peacocks have colorful tail feathers? To attract a mate.
Created by: lmsraiders