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Majors animal: External anatomy of a grasshopper (matching)

Compound eyes Paired, complex, image-forming photoreceptors composed of numerous ommatidia that create a fairly coarse-grained picture of their visual field
Ocellus Simple photoreceptor consisting of a small cup backed by light-absorbing pigments; not capable of image formation
Antennae Thin, paired appendages on head modified for chemosensory and tactile reception
Mouthparts Multiple sets of hard, chininous appendages used to chew food and manipulate food into the mouth
Wings Two sets of paired appendages modified for flight
Tympanum Circular, pressure-sensitive membrane on each side of the thorax that detects sound waves; functions as an "ear drum"
Spiracles External openings in abdomen that allow air flow into and out of tracheae
Ovipositor External reproductive opening bordered by tiny, chininous teeth that penetrate the soil and create burrows for egg deposition
Created by: scandalouscanine