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Níor chodail mé go sámh I didn’t sleep soundly
Rinne mé dearmad I forgot
Thit mé i laige I fainted
Ar luas lasrach As quick as a flash
Ag crith le heagla Shaking with fear
I bpreabadh na súl In the blink of an eye
An lá dár gcionn The following day
gan aithne gan urlabhra On conscious
Ag ceiliúradh Celebrating
Ag feitheamh Waiting
thar oíche Overnight
Ag cur allais go tiubh Sweating heavily
stiúgtha leis an ocras Starved with the hunger
an tAonad Timpiste agus Éigeandála The Accident and Emergency Department
bhíomar we were
Bhí siad They were
an-neirbhíseach very nervous
ar bís excited
Bhí eagla air He was afraid
Níor bhog sé He didn't move
ar buile furious
Ní dhéanfaidh mé dearmad I will never forget
Ní dhéanfaidh said dearmad They will never forget
Bhuaileamar We met
Ba bheag nár thit mé i laige I nearly fainted
nuair a chuala said an scéal when they heard the story
Ba bheag nár thit mo thuismitheoirí i laige My Parents nearly fainted
inár dtreo in our direction
ag teacht coming
An mhaidin dár gcionn the following morning
D'fhan sé He stayed
Bhíomar scanraithe We were frightened
Created by: r.joyce