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Ch. 35 & 40


What type of pathogen can antibiotics treat? bacteria
From where does active immunity come? yourself
What carries out humoral immunity? antibodies
What is the injection of a weakened pathogen called? vaccination
Waht is the body's first and most important line of defense against diesase? skin
What is the name of diesease-causing organisms? pathogen
Killer T cells attack pathogens in what kind of immunity? cell-mediated response
what type of immune cell does HIV destroy? Helper T cells
An opening in the skin is a potential entrance for what? infection
What happens during anallergic reaction? Mast cells produce histamines
What triggers and immunce response antigens
Why do people with AIDS die from sicknesses such as colds and flu? No Immune System
What are the wtwo divisions of nervous system? central and peripheral
Which neruron type travels from the brain to the body? Motor
What is a stable internal envionment? homeosatsis
What mechanism is used to maintain a stalbe internal environment? Feedback Inhibition
What is the name of the chemical that travels across a synapse to the next neuron to continue an impulse? neurotransmitter
Which part of darwin's theory is represented when lions prey on antelope and some escape? Survival of the fittest
Which characteristic of a population best explains why some species survive while others do not? biodiversity
Why do lethal recessive alleles remain in a population heterozygotes
Which of Mened;s laws does a dihybrid cross prove? Independent Assorment
What is the chance of a male child during fertliization 50%
How ddoes genetic drift affect biodiversity? decreases it
Name one positive thing taht results from mass extinctions opens up habitats
What stage of protein synthesis occurs at the ribosome? translation
During transcription what base replaces thymine on the duplicated stranc? uracil
What type of mutation will shorten the DNA strand and change every amin acid after it? deletion
What varies among proteins resulting in different functions amino acids
Which bases do DNA and RNA share? guanine, cytosine, adenine
What two organisms are carriers of recombinant DNA? Bacterial plasmids and transgenic organisms
What tool is used to cut DNA into fragments? restriction endonucleases (enzymes)
What ddoes natural selection act directly on? Phenotypes or allele freuencies of a popluation
How are lethal alleles maintained in a population heterozygotes
to help remove lethal alleles, what type of male should you remove from a population heterozygote
Define natural selection ability to survive and reproduce
What are the two main sources of variation in a population? mutations and gene shuffling
In order for speciation to occur, what must happen to the original population? Isolation geographic or behavior but eventually reproduce
While observing rocks, if one layer has very few species and another below it has many different species, what does this prove has occurred? Mass extinction
What is the most important factor to ensuring species survival? biodiversity
During photosynthesis what is the carbon dioxide used to produce? sugar or glucose
Which part of the cell is the packaging factory golgi
Name the two factors that can reduce enzyme activity if they are outside the optimum range. pH and temperature
What kind of organism will always be a prokaryote bacteria
Why do we use control groups in experiments? to compare to the results of the test group
What is produced from meiosis 4 different haploid gametes
Hemophilia usually affects males but can affect females, but it is rare. What can you infer about how this disease is transmitted? Sex-linked recessive on X
What stage of protein synthesis occurs at the ribosome? translation
Identify 3 things that we have produced from genetic engineering. Clones, transgenic organisms, medicine, more food
What is the most immediate natural cause of genetic variation? Mutations
Where does transcription occur and what does it produce? Nucleus; mRNA
Where does translation occur and what does it produce ribosome and proteins
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