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Def test #1 207

Calculus Calcium and phosphate salts in saliva that become mineralized and adhere to tooth surfaces
Clinical Crown That portion of the tooth that is visible in the oral cavity
Coronal Polishing A technique used to remove plaque and stains from the coronal surfaces of the tooth
Endogenous Stains Stains developed from within the structure of the tooth
Exogenous Stains Stains developed from external sources
Extrinsic Stains Stains that occur on the external surfaces of the teeth that may be removed by polishing
Fulcrum Finger rest used when an instrument or hand piece is held for a specified time
Intrinsic Stains Stains that occur within the tooth structure that maybe removed by polishing
Oral Prophylaxis The complete removal of calculus, debris, stain, and plaque from the teeth
Prophy Paste Commercial premixed abrasive paste used for polishing teeth and restorations
Rubber Cup Polishing A technique that is used to remove plaque and stains from the coronal surfaces of the teeth
Acrylate A salt or ester of acrylic acid
Dental Sealant Coating that covers the occlusal pits and fissures of the teeth
Filled Resin Sealant material that contains filler particles
Light-cured Type of material that is polymerized by a curing light
Microabrasion Technique used to open fissures before sealant placement
Microleakage Microscopic leakage at the interface of the tooth structure and the sealant or restoration
Polymerization Process of changing a simple chemical into another substance that contains the same elements
Sealant Retention Sealant firmly adhering to the tooth surface
Self-cured Type of material that is polymerized by chemical reactions
Unfilled Resin Sealant material that does not contain filler particles
Created by: ashleyi