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Quiz 5

A free gingival graft has a donor site that is typically taken from the? Palate
_________________________ is the dental specialty that involves the diagnosis and treatment of the gingiva, bone and supporting structures of the teeth Periodontics
T or F? Crown lengthening is completed to gain more tooth structure for the placement of a restoration or crown and also for esthetic purposes on anterior teeth. True
2 types of periodontal surgery that involve removal and recontouring of bone are ______________ & ______________ Osteoplasty/Ostectomy
T or F? An occlusal adjustment is completed to equally distribute the forces over all the teeth True
T or F? Sutures can only be removed by the dentist False
An _______________ that treats the dental pulp and periradicular tissues that surround the tooth Endodontist
The periodontal dressing is used to: To hold flaps in place For protection To stabilize mobile teeth during healing
Define osseous surgery: Surgery that involves the modification of the supporting bone to eliminate pockets and and remove defects
T or F? Periodontal probing can be completed by the dental assistant False
Created by: ashblake4