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Quiz 1

What is the most common malocclusion according to Dr. Zeleniak? Class I crowded
T or F The handpiece commonly used for polishing purposes is called the prophy angle? True
What is the process by which plaque and stain is removed from the tooth surface? Coronal polishing
T or F? A permanent tooth that has been avulsed has a varying degree of success if replanted? True
A diastema is _______________, sometimes due to a frenum that attaches too low? The space between the 2 front teeth
Pediatric dentistry is a specialized area of dentistry that focuses on the oral healthcare of: Infants Children & adolescents Individuals with special needs
A _________ is the complete removal of the coronal portion of the dental pulp Pulpotomy
________________ stains appear on the tooth surface by an environmental source and cannot be removed: Intrinsic
Which type of crown is the restoration of choice for pediatric patients? Stainless steel
The procedure that removes stain from only those surfaces that have stain is called____________: Selective polishing
A separator is used for the purpose of? To slightly separate the teeth before band placement
The _____________ describes the finger rest which holds the handpiece in place with the third or ring finger? Fulcrum
Anterior open bites are most commonly caused by a: A long term thumb habit
T or F? It is not important to use a predetermined sequence to polish: False
________________________stains appear on the tooth surface through food, drink and tobacco and can be removed: Extrinsic
T or F? Sealants protect the flat surfaces of the anterior teeth? False
There are 2 methods for polishing teeth Air polishing and rubber cup
T or F? it is law in all 50 states to report a case of suspected child abuse or neglect: True
This is an example of a general bite problem: Deep bite Open bite Crossbite
T or F? Children between the ages of 6 months and 16 years of age should have a daily intake of fluoride? True
Created by: ashblake4