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Hoot chp 6-9 Comp ?

Hoot Comprehension Questions Chapter 6-9

1.) Why does Officer Delinko have to go back on desk duty? Because he went back to visit the crime scene.
2.) Why does Beatrice take Roy's bike? So he would be late getting home
3.) For what purpose does Beatrice bite a hole in Roy's bike tire? To make it harder for Roy to get home
4.) Why is Roy allowed back on the school bus? The Vice Principal thought about the situation and decided that Roy didn't start the fight.
5.) Why does Roy let Dana hit him on the school bus? So Dana doesn't beat him up later.
6.) For what reasons does Roy try not to worry his parents? Because he is an only child and doesn't want his parents to focuse on just him.
7.) Why does Kalo take his dogs away from the construction site? Kalo worries about his dogs in the rain.
8.) Why is Curly introuble with Chuck Muckle? Because Kalo took the dogs back.
Created by: Cmurtagh