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Final Review

Who is the father of American dentistry? J.V. Black
Who established the first dental school? Alfred Fones
What year was the first dental hygienist school opened? 1913
When did Colorado pass a law to allow dental hygienist to practice without a dentist? 1986
Name a significant risk factor for periodontal disease. Smoking
Who was the first dental hygienist? Irene Newman
What is a method of quantifying an amount or severity of a disease? Indices
What do we call the initial assessment data that is gathered to use for future comparisons? Baseline data
What is a factor that increases a risk to a pt. that cannot be changed? Risk Determinants
The likely hood a person would get a disease in a specific in a period of time: High Risk (Risk)
What are the four tissues that work together to support the dentition, what is it called as a whole? Periodontium
Dentist that specialized in treating diseases is what? Periodontist
Prediction of disease duration course of response to treatment is what? Prognosis
What is the study of health and disease in a human population? Epidemiology
What is the number of new cases of disease in a population in a given amount of time? Incidence
The number of people in a population who have the disease in a point of given time Prevalence
What are indices used to measure? Bleeding, Calculus, Plaque, Bone Loss
What is a case control study? Contain all the above: Observational, antidondial, weak scientific evidence.
Is it true that the higher number of risk factors a pt. has that they are going to have a greater risk of periodontal disease? True
Which part of the periodontium is seen clinically in the mouth? Gingiva
Where would we find non-keratinized tissue? Sulcular epithelium
Where do we find the attached gingiva? Mucogingival junction to free gingival groove
What is a healthy gingival sulcus reading? 1-3 mm
What influences the color of our gingiva? Keratinization, Vascularity, Pigmentation
What contributes to stippled texture of the gingiva? Rete Pegs
Free gingival groove: Is this always present? NO, but does lie evenly with the sulcus
Concerning the basal cell layer, do you know where it is located? Located adjacent to the basement membrane, undergoes mitosis, reproduces and migrates through the upper layers of the epithelium
Col area: Two opposite interdental papilla B and L meet together
Rete Pegs: Which statements are correct? Comes from the epithelium into the connective tissue CH. 2 pg. 17, 23 Book states that is comes from the connective tissue into the epithelium
What is the consistency of healthy gingiva? Firm and resilient
A keratinocyte is a cell that is what? Able to synthesize keratin and is found in stratified squamous epithelium
What type of epithelium is found in the oral cavity? Stratified squamous
What makes up the gingiva, what type of tissues? Connective and epithelial
CT fibers, what do the circular fibers do? Where are they Circle the tooth
Transeptal Fibers Tooth to tooth, cementum from one to the other
What cell is responsible for collagen production? Fibroblasts
What is the connective tissue primarily composed of? Collagen fibers and fibroblasts
What are the ends of the periodontal fibers called that are embedded into the cementum and bone? Sharpey’s Fibers
Propriocepters, what are these? Transmit the perception of pressure to the brain, found in the PDL
What are the tissues that we call the attachment apparatus attached to? Cementum
Most common type of junction between the enamel and cementum is the most common? Cementum over Enamel
What is the main component of periodontal fibers? Collagen
If there is bleeding noted with a pt. what changes might you see in the gingiva due to this? Color, position of the gingiva caused by the swelling, and consistency, etc.
What is the bone between the roots between two adjacent teeth called? Interdental septum
What is a circumscribed window in the bone exposing the root surface of the tooth or between two different teeth? Fenestration
What is the crystal line structure of the calcified tissue of the periodontium? Hydroxyapatite 58%
What is a resorbed area of bone over the F surfaces of the root; it can occur labially? Dehiscence
What is it called when we have caused something; operator induced? Etiogenic
This is the result of a chemical mediator which cause the PMN’s to move to site of injury. Chemotaxis
Increased blood due to vasodilation, the first sign of inflammation is called what? Hyperemia
An inappropriate or harmful response from the immune system is due to what? Allergic reaction
Powerful chemical substances secreted by inflammatory cells are what? Cytokines
A non-specific lymphocyte affective against host cells that are infected with viruses (AIDS) and some types of tumors, are called what? Natural Killer Cells
What are critical for blood clotting, what do we need to seal off wounds? Platelet Count
What is coating an organism with antibodies or a complement protein to make it palatal for phagocytes? Optimization
Any substance that is introduced into the body that is recognized by the immune systems is what? Antigen
Cells that can turn off body productions are called what? Suppressor t- cells
Which cells are the first to immigrate into the sulcus as a result from inflammation? PNM
Which immuglobulin is most abundant in gingival exudate? IGG
Signs of inflammation, what are they? Edema, Pain, swelling, heat
When you have a decrease in neutrophils in WBC what happens? Host is decreased
What are some etiologic factors in periodontal disease, what are things that are going to contribute to it? Plaque, Host response (impaired)
Cellular immunity and humoral immunity what is the difference? B-cells =plasma cells, T-cells
What is the first step in vascular reactions? Vasoconstriction
What type of cells can cause host cell tissue injuries? Macrophages, platelets, PMN’s, Neutrophils
What mediator of inflammation is found in a mast cell? Histamine
What is the purpose or role of macrophage? Eat or engulf and digest bacteria
When you are having an allergic or hypersensitivity reaction, can it cause tissue damage? Yes, Tissue damage, LOC. GEN., delayed and immediate
What is GCF, What is it? Gingival Crevicular Fluid; Inflammatory exudate
Is GCF present in healthy gingiva? Yes, in small amounts
Which cells synthesize antibodies? Plasma cells
What is the most attributed factor with gingival disease? Molecules being released
What is the adherence to one bacterial species to another bacterial species? Coagulation
What is the most common found periodontal pathogen in chronic perio? Spirochetes
What are contributed factors to cause periodontal disease? Mal occlusion, restorations, faulty restorations, calculus, over hangs
What are the components of subgingival and supra calculus? Organic and inorganic
Which components organic or inorganic are found in supra and sub calculus? Organic and inorganic are found in both
What is the attachment mechanism for plaque subgingivally? What does it adhere to? Calculus
What are methods for calculus to attach to the teeth? Surface irregularities, pellicle, and penetration of bacteria into the cementum
Nosocomial, what does this mean? You got the sickness from the hospital
Where supragingival calculus is most abundant? By the salivary ducts
In two days’ time plaque become mineralized to what percent? 50%
What are the three bacteria that are associated with perio disease? Aa, P. Gingivalis, and Tanerella
Which type of microbe is predominately found in NUG. Sphirochetes
What is the most common form of any periodontal disease? Gingivitis
What is myalgia? Muscle pain
What is a pseudopocket? A pocket, adjacent to a tooth, resulting from gingival hyperplasia and edema but without apical migration of the epithelial attachment.
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