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Cardiac Circulatory Quiz

What would be your primary periodontal concern if you read on the health history that a patient was taking nifedipine? A) use anesthetic with no epinephrine B) risk of acute infection C) gingival enlargement D) rapid bone loss C) gingival enlargement
Which is most likely a medication that your patient is taking to manage their blood pressure? A) catechol B) calcium stearol C) lovastatin D) atenolol D) atenolol
Which of the following medications reduces blood pressure but does NOT act to dilate blood vessels? A) atenolol B) hydrochlorothiazide C) losartan D) enalapril B) hydrochlorothiazide
Your patient is taking a blood thinner that you've never heard of and you can't find any concerns in Lexicomp related to dental treatment. Which of the following would be LEAST likely to be helpful in deciding whether it is safe to treat the patient? Evaluate the patient's mouth to check for normal tissues, lack of pockets, and lack of subgingival deposits.
Lists 2 adverse effects of statin medications for reduction of cholesterol? A)cardiac damage and toenail fungus B)addiction to the medication and muscle weakness C)liver damage and hip fracture D)liver damage and muscle weakness D)liver damage and muscle weakness
ur pt takes an aspirin each day & in addition takes an energy drink which contains ginger and gingko. u scale teeth #s 2, 3, & 4 & notice the tissues are bleeding excessively. Which of the following IS NOT a reasonable strategy regarding the tx of ur pt? Scale the full mouth because you are confident that the bleeding will stop on its own since the patient is not taking warfarin
atovastatin antihyperlipidemic
captopril angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor
potassium nutritional supplement
nitroglycerine anti-anginal
Created by: daisenmurray