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Final Exam #1

Imbectium is a drug that has an effective dose for 50% of the population of 500 mg. However, 1000 mg is a lethal dose for 50% of the population, The therapeutic index of imbectium is: A. 2 B. 0.5 C. 20 D. 4 Is this drug safe? A. 2, No
The abbreviation for " immediately" on a prescription is: A. sig B. stat C. PRN D. BID B. stat
T/F: Sympathetic stimulation has the general effect of decreasing the heart rate, False
Epinephrine, as a drug, stimulates: A. alpha receptors only B. beta receptors only C. alpha and beta receptors D. delta receptors C. alpha and beta receptors
A patient experiences gastric upset as a result of taking aspirin. What type of adverse reaction is this patient experiencing? A. idiosyncratic reaction B. allergic reaction C. toxic reaction D. side effect D. side effect
What are examples of Generic Names? mepivicaine, acetaminophen
What are examples of Brand (trade) Names? Tylenol, Carbocaine
What are examples of Chemical Names? N-acetyl-para-aminophenol, 1-methyl-2,6-pipecoloxylidide monohydrochoride
Onset the time is takes for a drug to begin to have its effect
Potency a measurement of the relationship between how little or how much of a drug is needed to have a particular effect
ED 50 how much of a medication is needed to create a desired effect in half of the people taking it
Half-Life the amount of time it takes for 50% of the drug to be inactivated by the body
If you give your child 2 tsp (10 ml) of medication that is dosed at 25 mg per ml, how many mg of medication have you given your child? A. 25 mg B. 10 mg C. 2 mg D. 250 mg D. 250 mg
An example of a schedule I drug is: A. heroin B. penicillin C. valium D. ritalin A. heroin
The neurotransmitter epinephrine will have its greatest effect on: A. adrenergic receptors in the SNS B. muscarinic receptors in the PNS C. nicotinic receptors in the PNS D. cholinergic receptors in the SNS A. adrenergic receptors in the SNS
Delayed hypersensitivity, as seen in contact dermatitis like nickel allergy, is a type ____ hypersensitivity reaction. A. I B. II C. III D. IV D. IV
Medications which are lipid soluble can pass more easily through cell membranes than those which are not because: cell membranes contain a large amount of lipids
Which agent is an indirect-acting adrenergic agent A. epinephrine B. norepinephrine C. isoproterenol D. amphetamine C. isoproterenol
If you want to get a high concentration of medication into the CNS, the quickest route to do so would usually involve injecting via the: A. intra-thecal route B. sub-lingual route C. sub-cutaneous route D. intradermal route A. intra-thecal route
Which of the following adverse reactions is NOT dose dependent? A. toxic reaction B. side effect C. allergic reaction D. all the above C. allergic reaction
Most drugs are eliminated from the body by way of the: A. sweat B. kidneys C. feces D. lungs B. Kidneys
After taking penicillin capsules for a periodontal abscess, your patient calls to tell you that he has had a reaction which he describes as making little itchy bumps all over his skin and he says his throat feel tight. What is he experiencing? allergic reaction
The person showing little itchy bumps and the throat begins to feel tight when taking medication, should he still take half as much as he was taking before? No, could cause anaphylaxis
Which of the following allergic reactions is likely after injection pure epinephrine if no other medications or antigens are present? A. contact dermatitis B. anaphylaxis C. Urticaria D. None of the above D. None of the above
T/F: If you took a medication which blocked the action of epinephrine, you would expect effects of the PNS to become more noticeable. True
Which drug can be prescribed to increase salivation for xerostomic patients. A. phenylephrine B. propantheline C. Neosynephrine D. pilocarpine D. pilocarpine
A patient of yours is taking metoprolol. Which condition are they most likely being treated for? A. glaucoma B. urinary retention C. hypertension D. asthma C. hypertension
Heart muscle stimulation is primarily a (an) ____ effect of epinephrine. A. alpha B. beta 1 C. beta 2 D. gamma B. beta 1
T/F: An adverse reaction related to the class of medications known as beta-blockers is that they can create a cough or asthma-like symptoms due to bronchial constrictions. True
Which of the following terms refers to a rapid heart rate. A. tachycardia B. bradycardia C. tachypnea D. tackyfurniture A. tachycardia
T/F: Prescription requirements for schedule II drugs may vary slightly from state to state, but they can always be telephones to the pharmacy without need for a paper copy. False- will always need to fill out, in order to fill it
On a prescription, the instructions to the patients are denoted by: A. refills B. sig C. # D. generic B. sig
Which of the following terms refers to the rapid development of tolerance to a drug. A. tachycardia B. tachphylaxis C. tachypnea D. Tachometer B. tachphylaxis
Advantages of the oral administration of a drug over an intravenous administration include the following except. A. absorbed easily if nausea is present B. self administer C. sterile site is not necessary D. less chance of toxic reation A. absorbed easily if nausea is present
T/F: The first pass effect means that patients who take the medication will typically have diarrhea after the first pill. False
Atropine (one of the main ingredients in Jimson weed) will ten to increase: A. blood pressure B. saliva flow C. perspiration A. blood pressure
Created by: daisenmurray