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Evolution Test

Evolution can be defined as a genetic change in? Species
Which phrase best defines evolution by natural selection? a process of change in species over time
When lions prey on a herd of antelopes, some antelopes are killed and some escape. Which part of Darwin's concept of natual selection might be used to describe this situation? survival of the fittest
Natural selection could not occur without? genetic variation in populations
Evidence that supports the theory of evolution includes all of the following except? punctuated sedimentation
Which of the following describes fossils? Traces of organisms that lived in the past.
The same kinds of cells that grow in similar patterns in different but related organisms produce? homologous structures such as wings and arms
Which of the following phrases best describes the results of natural selection? Changes in the inherited characteristics of a population over time.
Which statement is in agreement with Darwin's theory of evolution? More offspring are produced than can possibly survive
When farmers select animals or plants to use for breeding, they look for? Natural variations that are present in a species
A trait that allows organisms to survive and reproduce better than others without the trait in a specific environment is an? Adaptation
The number and location of bones of many fossil vertebrates are similar to those in living vertebrates. Most biologist would probably explain this fact on the basis of? A common ancestor
The Galapagos finches are adapted to their environment because they have Evolved
Darwin's theory of evolution suggests that? Species change over time.
According to Darwin, evolution occurs? Because of natural selection
Layers of rock give evidence of? The great age of earth
Natual selection is the process by which? organisms with traits well-suited to their environment reproduce at a greater rate than less well-adapted organisms in the same environment.
Biogeography is the study of? The location of organisms on earth
According to Darwin's theory of natural selection, the individuals that tend to survive are those that have? Variations best suited to the environment
According to Darwin's theory of natural selection, individuals who survive are the ones best adapted for their environment. Their survival is due to the? Possession of inherited adaptations that maximize fitness.
Darwin began to formulate his concept of evolution by natural selection after? Observations of many species and their geographical location.
Modern sea star larvae resemble some primitive vertebrate larvae. This similarity may suggest that primitive vertebrates? Share a common ancestor with sea stars.
Which statement about the members of a population that live long enough to reproduce is consistent with the theory of natural selection? They are the ones that are best adapted to survive in their environment.
According to Darwin's view of natural selection, overproduction means producing? More offspring than can survive.
When a farmer breeds only his or her best livestock, the process involved is? Artificial Selection
An Adaptation is an inherited characteristic that can be? Physical or behavioral
Which of the following is the result of artificial selection? The recognized breeds of dogs.
Charles Darwin viewed the fossil record as? A detailed record of evolution.
Darwin's theory of evolution is based on the idea(s) of? Heritable variation and natural selection.
The study of developmental biology shows that? Closely related species will show similarities in embryos.
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