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General Chair Side


The air/water syringe should be flushed for at least ___ between patients 30 seconds
A developmental abnormality characterized by the complete bonding of two adjacent teeth caused by irregular growth is: fusion
Consent is: a voluntary acceptance of what is planned or done by another person
A ten-year-old patient would likely have which of the following teeth? permanent mandibular central and lateral incisors, primary second molars, permanent mandibular canines and permanent first molars
The primary step in preventing a medical emergency is to be certain the patient has ___ before treatment is begun. completed and updated medical history
Which type of consent is given when a patient enters a dentist's office? implied consent
Which zone corresponds to the 4 o'clock to 7 o'clock region? transfer zone
The distance between the operator's face and the patient's oral cavity should be approximately ___ inches. 16
The leading cause of a heart attack is: coronary artery disease
An oral habit consisting of involuntary gnashing, grinding, and clenching of the teeth is: bruxism
The HVE is used: to remove large volumes of fluid and debris from the mouth
Which of the following instruments might be used to invert the rubber dam? spoon excavator
For dental professionals, the safest allowable amount of N2O is ___ parts per million. 50
What are the symptoms a patient would display when experiencing a cerebrovascular accident? itching erythema hives
Which of the following instruments would be used to measure the depth of a gingival sulcus? periodontal probe
When placing an amalgam into the preapartion for a 31 DO restoration, the first increment should be placed into the: proximal box
While positioned in the dental assisting stool, the dental assistant should rest his or her feet: on the tubular bar on the base of the stool
Which of the following would be found on a prophylaxis tray setup? scaler
When placing a composite restoration on a buccal cervical of tooth #30, which is the best choice of matrix? class V composite matrix
Which of the following is precipitated by stress and anxiety; many manifest in rapid, shallow breating, lightheadedness, a rapid heartbeat, and a panic-stricken appearance; and is treated by having the patient breate into a paper bag or cupped hands? hyperventilation
In dentistry, the acronymn HVE represents: high volume evacuation
If treatment is to be performed on tooth # 13, the rubber dam clamp is placed on which tooth? #14
The lowest level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is: physiological
The most current adult basic life support protocol (CAB) is an acronym for: compressions airway breathing
What is the average range of the body's oral resting temperature? 97.6 F - 99.5 F
In relation to ergonomics in a dental business office, there are how many classifications of motion? five
The most frequently used substance in a medical emergency is: glucose
The portion of a bridge that replaces the missing tooth is called a(n): pontic
Motion economy is the concept that encourages the dental healthcare worker to: decrease the number and length of motions at chairside
An abbreviation used in the progress notes or chart to indicate a mesioocclusalbuccal restoration is: MOB
The most common form of anesthesia used in operative dentistry is: local
Which of the following instruments is used to scale an area specific deep periodontal pocket? gracey currette
The air/water syringe should be flushed for ___ at the beginning and end of each day. 2
While you are providing dental treatment for a patient in the third trimester of pregnancy, the patient suddenly feels dizzy and short of breath. How should the patient be repositioned in the dental chair? titled to the left side
What type of matrix is used for an anterior esthet restoration? celluloid strip
One of the functions of the paranasal sinues is to: warm inspired air
A patient's chart that denotes a congenital absence of some or all of the teeth wound indicate: andontia
Which of the following medical conditions is considered a contraindication for nitrous oxide analgesia? severe emotional disturbances
What are the symptoms a patient would display when experiencing hypoglycemia? hunger, seating, and mood changes
To ensure a medical emergency is observed immediately, it is important fo the dental assistant to: be alert and continuously observe the patient to note any potential problems
Which of the following insturments would be used to grasp tissue or bone fragments during a surgical procedure? hemostat
The exmaination technique in which the examiner uses his or her fingers to feel the size, texture, and consistency of hard and soft tissue is called: palpation
The tooth-numbering system that begins with the maxillary right third molar as tooth #1 and ends with the mandibular right third molar as tooth #32 is the ___ system. universal
A(n) ___ tooth is any tooth that is prevented from reaching its normal position in the mouth by tissue, bone, or another tooth. impacted
Which of the following should be done if the patient has thick, heavy saliva that adheres to the prophylaxis cup during the polishing procedure? keep the HVE as close as possible to the polishing cup
The cells associated with bone formation are known as: osteoblasts
A horizontal or transverse plane divides the body into: superior inferior portions
Plaster of Paris and dental stone are examples of: gypsum products
The position of the body standing erect with the feet together and the harms hanging at the sides with the palms facing forward is referred to as the ____ position. anatomic
Which of the follwoing is the correct statment regarding the seating positon of the operator? operators thighs should be parallel to the floor
To control swelling ager a surgical procedure, the patient should be instructed to: place a cold pack in a cycle of 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for the first 24 hours
During a dental procdure, the dental assistant's stootl is ___ the operator's stool. higher than
The natural rubber material used to obturate the pulp canal after treatment is completed is called: gutta percha
Addition of cold water to an alginate mix will cause the setting time to be: increased
When there is not enough tooth structure to hold a prosthetic crown, a ___ is used to aid in retention. core buildup
Whic of the following is a rotary device used with discs or wheels? madrel
When describing a superficial infection caused by a yeast-like fungus to a patient, what would you call this condition? candidiasis
Which is a capital item of the dental office? xray units
According to recent studies, periodontal disease is associated with an increased risk of developing which of the following condidtions? cardiovascular disease
If a light-bodied impression catalyst is mixed with a heavy-bodied impression base, the resultant mix might: set improperly
Nitrous oxide oxygen administration always begins and ends with: the patient breathing 100% oxygen
Which of the following medical emergencies would be treated with a bronchodilator? asthma attack
The ___ is an instrument that resembles a large spoon and is used to debride the interior of the socket to remove diseased tissue and abscesses. surgical currette
The incisional periodontal surgical procedure that does not remove tissues but pushes away the underlying tooth roots and alveolar bone is known as: flap surgery
A ___ is an orthodontic ___ that is a custom appliance made of rubber or pliable acrylic that fits over the patient's dentition after orthodontic treatment. Hawley retatiner, positioner
___ is frequently used on the mandibular teeth and is injected near a major nerve that anethetizes the entire area served by that nerve branch. block anesthesia
Which of the following medical conditions is a contraindication to using a vasoconstrictor in the local anesthesia during operative treatment? recent heart attack
___ is the amount the dental assistnat takes home after all deductions are made. net pay
One of the characteristics that allows gold to be one of the most compatible restorative materails in the oral environment is the ability to: resist tarnishing
Gingival retraction cord is placed ___ the crown preparation is completed and is removed___ the final impression is taken. after, before
Which form of gypsom product is commonly used for making diagnostic models? plaster
The first step in placing dental sealants is to ___ the surface. clean
Which of these is an expendable item used in the dental office? latex gloves
The purpose of calcium hydroxide in a cavity preparation is to: help the formation of reparative dentin
When a tooth is avulsed, it has: come out
A dental restorative materail that is applied to a tooth or teeth while the material is pliable and can be adapted, carved, and finished is classified as: direct restorations
Financial arrangements for dental treatment should be made: before treatment has started
An automated external defibrillator (AED) is used for what medical emergency? sudden cardiac arrest
A custom tray is constructed to fit the mouth of a specific patient and is used to ___,___, and___. adapt to the patient's mouth, fit around any anomoalies, reuced the amount of impression material needed
Select two terms that describe the purpose and consistency of a dental cement used for the final seating of a procelain fused-to-metal crown. cmentation and primary consistency
Which of the following instruments is used to cut soft tissue during a tooth extraction? scalpel
___ is another name for the Social Security funds deducted form and employee's pay. FICA
Which of these would have the least dimensional stability? alginate hydrocoilloid
It may take ___ to complete a dental implant procedure. 3-9 months
The advantage of using a glass ionomer as a restorative material is that it: release fluoride after its final setting
What terms are used to classify stain by location? intrinsic and extrinsic
The painful condition that can result from the premature loss of a blood clot after a tooth extraction is known as: alveolitis
A common solution used for irrigation during the debridement proceduree in endodontic treatment is: sodium hypocholorite
A(n) ___ is used to provide interproximal space for inserting an orthodontic band. separator
When instructing a patient about treatment for angular cheilitis, where would the dental assistant tell the patient to place the topical antibiotic? commisure of the lips
Which of the following insturments would be used to remove a metal matrix band after carving an amalgam resotration? cotton forceps
When taking an impression, the next step after seating the patient and placing the patient napkin is to: explain procedure to the patient
The purpose of using disclosing solution is to ___ visualize plaque
Enamel that has been etched has the appearance of being: chalky
Which of the following is a noble metal? palladium
The isolation of multiple anterior teeth, including the canine, requires the dental dam be placed ____. from premolar to premolar
The conventional or traditional composites, which contain the largest filler particles and provide the greatest strength, are known as: macrofilled composites
A metal frame that is placed under the periosteum and on top of the bone is called a(n): subperiostal implant
Vital information on a registration form includes the ___ of the person responsible for the account. name address and phone number
Coronal polsihing is a technique used to remove ___ from tooth surfaces. plaque
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