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Ecology - Cycles

The evaporation of water from the leaves of plants. transpiration
Water falling from the sky in the form of rain, snow, or ice. precipitation
Liquid water changing into a gas - usually under the influence of heat. evaporation
The conversion of water vapor into a liquid. condensation
The movement of water into the ground through pores in the soil. seepage
Water that flows on the surface until it collects in a body of water. run-off
The collection of water from the soil from the roots of plants. root uptake
Liquid water precipitation. rain
Precipitation in the form of flakes or crystalline water. snow
Rain or melted snow that freezes before it hits the ground; falls as a solid. sleet
Liquid water precipitation that falls when surface temps. are below freezing, sometimes freezing upon contact with a surface. freezing rain
Ice that forms in thunderclouds high in the cool atmosphere and falls to the ground. hail
The process of converting nitrogen gas into a form of nitrogen plants can use. nitrogen fixation
The process of making nitrogen gas from nitrogen compounds in the ground. denitrification
Type of organisms that perform nitrogen fixation and denitrification. bacteria
A type of nitrogen fixation that involves lightning. atmospheric fixation
A type of nitrogen fixation that involves industries making fertilizers. industrial fixation
A type of nitrogen fixation that requires bacteria. biological fixation
Process that removes carbon from the atmosphere. photosynthesis
Processes that can return carbon to the atmosphere. cellular respiration, volcanic activity, burning of fossil fuels, organism decay, uplift and erosion.
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