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Review Ch. 3-5


What did Charles Darwin view as a detailed record of evolution? fossils
Where are proteins assembled in the cell? Ribosomes
Which type of organisms produces its own food? Autotrophs
This type of symbiosis results in one benefitting and the other not being affected. commensalism
what term represents the maximum number of individuals an environment can provide for? carrying capacity
Primary succession will begin on what type of surface rocks
Name on example of a natural disaster that will result in primary succession volcano
How does a lethal recessive remain in a population heterozygous
What type of symbiosis results in two species benefitting? mutualism
When two organisms fight until the death over a niche, this is called what? competitive exclusion principle
Identify the biotic factor: soil, plant life, temperature, river plant life
What happens to populations size when birth rate exceeds the death rate? increases
Name two things that species usually compete for. food and living space
Name two ways to reduce the competition identified in number 13 increase foor or decrease preator competing
What are the two uses of energy in a food pyramid, heat and life processes
A series of predictable changes in a community is called what? succession
What is a random change in alleles called? genetic drift
what happens to biodiversity when an invasive species grows out of control? decreases
Which part of Darwin's theory of natural selection is represented by camouflage or speed to excape predators? wurvival of the fittest
What was the driving force of the evolution of the Galapagos finches? available food
What do genes contain instructions to maek? porteins
Where does meiosis occr? sex cells
What differs in their number and sequence of amino acids? proteins
Identfy the RNA sequence from the following DNA: TACTGAC AUGACUG
Which of Mendel's laws is proven by a dihybrid cross? Independent Assortment
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