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Chapter 51

Section 2: Femal Reproductive System

Ovary The gamete-producing organs of the female reproductive system
Fallopian Tube The uterine tube, it moves the mature eggs to the uterus
Uterus Hollow, muscular organ about the size of a small fist
Cervix The lower entrance to the uterus
Vagina A muscular tube leading from the cervix to the outside of the body
Vulva The external structures of the female reproductive system
Labia In the vulva, folds of skin and mucous membranes that cover and protect the opening to the female reproductive system
Ovum The mature egg
Ovarian Cycle Each month when the reproductive system prepares and releases and ovum
Menstrual Cycle Prepares the uterus for a possible pregnancy, occurs with the ovarian cycle
Follicular Phase the stage in which an immature egg completes its first meiotic division
Follicle A layer of cells that surrounds an immature egg
Ovulation The release of an egg from a ruptured follicle
Corpus Luteum Ruptured follicle cells grow larger and fill the cavity of the follicle, forming a new structure
Luteal Phase The menstrual stage in which the corpus luteum develops
Menstruation The lining of the uterus and blood from the ruptured blood vessels that are discharged through the vagina
Menopause When the menstruation cycle ends
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