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Vertebrate Zoology

Dinosaurs (Pterosaurs, Avian, and Nonavian)

Pterosaurs First flyers, wings with elongated finger and thin skin; Loss of teeth and tail; Keeled sternum; Fused vertebrae; Pneumatic bones are homologous; Sensory reception with vision and hearing, not scent; Hairlike filaments; Slow flight, high manuvering
NonAvian Dinosaurs Upright posture, bipedalism; Convulated joint to straight joint for less rolling action for great sizes and legs beneath body
NonAvian Dinosaur Classification Saurischia with pubis anterior and ischium posterior; Ornithischia with pubis and ischium posterior
NonAvian Ornithischians Thyreophora with bony plates for thermoregulation (gigantothermy); Ornithopoda with block life grinding teeth for grazers and a hollow crest for calling; Marginocephala Rigid shearing teeth for browser, huge frill
NonAvian Saurischians Sauropods nip and swallow large amounts and great body sizes, bridge suspension support; Therapods (TRex simple teeth), (Ornithomimids bipedal and opposable forelimbs), (Dromeosaurs hindlimbs just like birds)
Dinosaur Parental Care Ornithischians past hatching; Sauropods nest in large groups but no parental care of eggs; Theropods brood like birds
Created by: LionsandGiants