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English B Midterm


Adjunct 1. Attachment; appendage. 2. Subordinate or auxiliary capacity.
Amorous Strongly attracted to love; showing love
Assimilation act of blending in, becoming similar
Benefactor someone giving aid or money
Adherent believer, supporter, devote
aesthetic Pertaining to beauty or art
Allusion indirect reference
Allusiveness Quality of making indirect references
Amenable agreeable, cooperative
Amoral Unprincipled, unethical
Amorous Strongly attracted to love; showing love
Approbation Praise, official approval
ascertain To determine, discover or make certain of
Assiduous Diligent, persistent, hard-working
Assimilation act of blending in, becoming similar
Audacious Bold, daring, fearless
Audit Formal examination of financial records
Aversion Intense dislike
Avouch Guarantee, take responsibility for; affirm
Beseech To beg, plead, implore
Betoken To indicate, signify, give evidence of
Blanch To pale; take the color out of
blatant Glaring, obvious, showy
boorish Ill-mannered or rude
Buffoon Clown or fool
Buttress To reinforce, or support, Truss; foundation
Carouse Live it up
Carp To find fault, complain constantly
Castigate To punish, chastise, criticize severely
Cavalier Carefree; happy; with lordly Disdain
Cavort To frolic, frisk
Certitude Assurance, certainty
Champion To defend, or support
Chastise To punish, discipline, scold
churlish Selfish, rancorous, surly
Circumscribe To encircle; set limits or confine
citadel Fortress or stronghold
Cognition Mental process by which knowledge is acquired
Compatriot Fellow countryman
Compensate To repay or reimburse
Complacent Self-satisfied, smug
Concede To yield, admit
Conceptualize To envision, imagine
Congenial Similar in tastes and habits
Conjecture Speculation, prediction
Constraint Something that forces or compels; something that restrains or confines
decapitate To behead
demystify To remove mystery from, clarify
deplore To express or feel disapproval; Strongly regret
deploy To spread out strategically over an area
dishearten Dismay, daunt depress
disinclined Averse, unwilling, lacking desire
enigmatic Cryptic, baffling, mysterious
enshroud To cover or enclose with a dark cover
evoke inspire, memories, produce a reaction
Excruciation Agonizing, intensely painful
expound To elaborate, expand or increase
filch To steal or take without permission
Flagrant Outrageous, shameless
Flamboyant Flashy, garish; exciting, dazzling
Gratuity Something given voluntarily, tip
grievous Causing grief or sorrow, serious and distressing
maelstrom whirlpool; turmoil; agitated state of mind
malady illness
Natal relating to birth
oblivious unaware, inattentive
obscure unclear; not well known
palatial like a palace, magnificent
palette board for mixing paints, range of colors
query question
quiver to shake slightly, tremble, vibrate
ramification an implication, outgrowth, or consequence
rancor bitter hatred
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