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Selected Filter Feeding Crustacians and larger Crustacians

Class Bracheopodia subphylum crustacia Cladocerans or water fleas
Class Ostrepodia Subphylum Crustaica Ostrods or seed shrimp
Class Copopoda Subphylum Crustica Most abundant
Class Cirripeda Phylum Crustaica Most advanced Barnicles
All selected Filter Feeding Crustaceans are what? Specialized filter feeders
Selected Larger Crustacean Class- Malocrustaica Part of the order Euphasia, which contains Krill. Krill are important for commercial fishing and wales
Selected Larger Crustacean Order Amphopodia Includes skuds ( fresh water), Brine shrimps and Ferry Shrimps
Order Isopoda Isopods, sow bugs and pill bugs
Order Decopoda Crabs, lobsters and large shrimp
What type of muscle do shrimp and lobsters have? They have glycolic muscle.
Subphylum Mirapoda - Order chilipoda Centipedes- one pair of legs, segmented body, and are fast moving and predatory
Subphylum Mirapoda- Order Diplipodia Millipedes- have two parts of legs per segment and a cylindrical body under them. They eat plants and are slow moving.
Subphylum Miripoda- Order silphyla Tiny soft Centipede like garden CentipedesSubphy
Subphylum Miripodia - Order Paroupodia Tiney soft millipede
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