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Biology 1402 TEST 3

Larva has 5 chordate traits;
Colonial Aggregate
Invertebrate NO back bone (spine)
Vertebrate Has back bone (spine)
5 trends of evolution tricks that improve adaptation
Bilateral symmetry drag; streamlining flatten ; 2 same sides; (face with left and right side)
Radial Symmetry drag; streamlining flatten; radial center point; (star fish)
cephalization use leading tip to observe; head has senses and brain; (centralization) put in one location
2-ended gut sack like gut; GI tract; digestive tract;
1-ended gut hydra; food goes in mouth and comes out same hole
Coelom fluid filled cavity; lining
segmentation different uses and functions for growth on each area part
porifera sponges; incurrent pores;suck water into body
cnidaria jellyfish;hydras, tentacles; regenerate lost parts (head)
platyhelminthes flat worms; hermaphrodites; mouth on belly button; 1-ened gut
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