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Micro 2015-GBates

Final Exam-Test 4

If you are OUTSIDE the triangle at the host. Then the host is? Resistant
What controls if a host is susceptible or resistant Resistance Genes
If you are INSIDE the triangle at the Pathogen. What is controlling the phenotype of the pathogen? Virulence Genes
Can we have disease outside the triangle? No
Transferrins bind with? Iron
Therapeutic index is ____. risk ~vs~ benefits
MHC 2 are produced on? marcophages
Macrophages do what to bacteria? engulf
A lethal does is? amount of toxin a host cannot survive
What organism induces gamma interferons? Bacteria
What is the main function of a CTL? Apoptosis
Which interferon is for viruses? alpha
What percentage of the disease triangle is genetically controlled? 2/3
Peyer's patch would be found in ____? intestine
Adaptive immunity is which line of defense? 2nd
Normal microbiota is? Permanent
Which relationship gave us antibiotics? antagonism
What is the last mechanism of pahtogenicity? Portal of exit
Biological Transmission is Active
T cells mature in the Thymus
A persistent disease? goes slowly
Which type of white blood cell is a phagocyte? Neutrophil
A vaccine is made up of a pathogen and ___? Adjuvant
Which is not a result of AG-AB binding Conjugation
Which are problems with nosocomial infections? -Host is weakend -Majority of microbes are antibiotic resistant
Complement cascade does not do which? Release porins
First and second line defenses are ___ immunity. innate
In antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity, what type of pathogen will be attacked? Helminth
IgA Mucosal protection
IgG Protect babies
IgD Immune response
IgM Marker; 1st responder
IgE attacks worms, allergies
Sacro- flesh
Rubri- red
Rhizo- root
Psychro- cold
Pan- all
Neutrophil Phagocyte
Natural Killer Cells Kills cells w/o MHC1
Eosinophil Attack worms
CTL Kills cells with antigens in MHC1
Basophil Histamine production
Tc When activated become CTL
TH1 T helper for bacteria
TH2 T helper for worms
TH17 T helper to induce innate system
Interferon Alpha Cytokine
AVP Antiviral Protein
Transferrin Binds iron
Created by: arichardson_14
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