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Chapter 18 and 19 Quiz

Anti-histamines have multiple uses as medications, but histamines have no established clinical uses. A-True B- False True- pg. 235
Which of the following is an antihistamine that has stronger sedative effects than Benadryl? A- Zyrtec B- Vistaril C- Claritin D- Allegra B- Vistaril- pg. 236 Chart 18-1
There are not any antihistamines that have an anti-emetic or anti-nausea effect. A- True B- False False- pg. 235
Which of the following are known to have an effect on periodontitis? A- Prostoglandins B- seratonins C-melatonins D- isotonins A- prostoglandins
Adrenocorticosteroids are released A- when the adrenal gland is directly stimulated by stress B- when stress initiates a complex pathway involving the pituitary gland and release of several hormones, eventually stimulating the adrenal gland B- when stress initiates a complex pathway involving the pituitary gland and release of several hormones, eventually stimulating the adrenal gland- pg. 241
With long-term use of synthetic adrenocorticosteroids, the adrenal glands will atrophy and quit making endogenous adrenocorticosteroids A- True B-False A- True pg. 241
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Cushings syndrome? A- Moon Face B- Truncal Obesity C- Faster Healing of Injuries D- "Buffalo" hump C- Faster Healing of Injuries- pg. 244
Addison's disease and Cushings disease are interchangeable terms for the same illness. A-True B-False B-False- pg. 242
Since adrenocorticosteroids can cause stomach ulcers, NSAIDS should be prescribes carefully. A-True B-False A- True- pg. 58 about NSAIDS; pg. 243 about adrenocorticosteroids
Synthetic adrenocorticosteroids are available over the counter as a cream for dermatologic use. A- True B- False A- True- pg. 242 chart 19-1
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