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EN to FR ES PT 18

English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese 18

storm FR orage
storm ES tormenta
storm PT tempestade
stove FR poêle
stove ES estufa
stove PT fogão
strawberry FR fraise
strawberry ES fresa
strawberry PT morango
street FR rue
street ES calle
street PT rua
strong FR fort
strong ES fuerte
strong PT forte
student FR étudiant
student ES estudiante
student PT estudante
sugar FR sucre
sugar ES azúcar
sugar PT açúcar
summer FR été
summer ES verano
summer PT verão
sun FR soleil
sun ES sol
sun PT sol
Sunday FR dimanche
Sunday ES domingo
Sunday PT domingo
supper FR souper
supper ES cena
supper PT ceia
surprise FR surprendre
surprise ES sorprender
surprise PT surpreender
suspenders FR bretelles
suspenders ES tirantes
suspenders PT suspensório
sweet FR doux
sweet ES dulce
sweet PT doce
swim FR nager
swim ES nadar
swim PT nadar
table FR table
table ES mesa
table PT mesa
tail FR queue
tail ES rabo
tail PT cauda
tailor FR tailleur
tailor ES sastre
tailor PT alfaiate
take FR prendre
take ES tomar
take PT tomar
talk FR parler
talk ES hablar
talk PT falar
tall FR haut
tall ES alto
tall PT alto
taste FR goût
taste ES gusto
taste PT sabor
tax FR impôt
tax ES impuesto
tax PT taxa
tea FR thé
tea ES
tea PT chá
teacher FR instituteur
teacher ES maestro
teacher PT professor
tedious FR ennuyeux
tedious ES aburrido
tedious PT aborrecido
television FR télévision
television ES televisión
television PT televisão
ten FR dix
ten ES diez
ten PT dez
tent FR tente
tent ES tienda
tent PT tenda
test FR test
test ES prueba
test PT prova
thanks FR merci
thanks ES gracias
thanks PT obrigado
theater FR théâtre
theater ES teatro
theater PT teatro
there FR
there ES allí
there PT alí
thick FR épais
thick ES espeso
thick PT espêsso
thief FR voleur
thief ES ladrón
thief PT ladrão
thigh FR cuisse
thigh ES muslo
thigh PT coxa
thin FR mince
thin ES delgado
thin PT delgado
think FR penser
think ES pensar
think PT pensar
thirst FR soif
thirst ES sed
thirst PT sêde
thirteen FR treize
thirteen ES trece
thirteen PT treze
thirty FR trente
thirty ES treinta
thirty PT trinta
thousand FR mille
thousand ES mil
thousand PT mil
thread FR fil
thread ES hilo
thread PT fio
three FR trois
three ES tres
three PT três
throat FR gorge
throat ES garganta
throat PT garganta
throw FR jeter
throw ES arrojar
throw PT lançar
thumb FR pouce
thumb ES pulgar
thumb PT polegar
thunder FR tonnerre
thunder ES trueno
thunder PT trovão
Thursday FR jeudi
Thursday ES jueves
Thursday PT quinta-feira
ticket FR billet
ticket ES billete
ticket PT bilhete
Created by: fafafooey



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