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EN to FR ES PT 15

English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese 15

please FR s'il vous plaît
please ES por favor
please PT por favor
pleasure FR plaisir
pleasure ES placer
pleasure PT prazer
plum FR prune
plum ES ciruela
plum PT ameixa
pocket FR poche
pocket ES bolsillo
pocket PT bolso
point FR point
point ES punto
point PT ponto
poison FR poison
poison ES veneno
poison PT veneno
poor FR pauvre
poor ES pobre
poor PT pobre
pork FR porc
pork ES puerco
pork PT carne de porco
portable FR portatif
portable ES portátil
portable PT portátil
porter FR porteur
porter ES mozo
porter PT carregador
postcard FR carte postale
postcard ES tarjeta postal
postcard PT cartão postal
post office FR bureau de poste
post office ES correos
post office PT correio
pot FR pot
pot ES olla
pot PT panela
potato FR pomme de terre
potato ES patata
potato PT batata
powder FR poudre
powder ES polvo
powder PT
price FR prix
price ES precio
price PT preço
print FR imprimer
print ES imprimir
print PT imprimir
prison FR prison
prison ES cárcel
prison PT prisão
profession FR profession
profession ES profesión
profession PT profissão
property FR propriété
property ES propriedad
property PT propriedade
purse FR porte-monnaie
purse ES bolsillo
purse PT bôlsa para dinheiro
quarter FR quart
quarter ES cuarto
quarter PT quarto
queen FR reine
queen ES reina
queen PT rainha
question FR question
question ES pregunta
question PT pergunta
quick FR vite
quick ES pronto
quick PT depressa
quiet FR tranquille
quiet ES tranquilo
quiet PT quieto
rabbit FR lapin
rabbit ES conejo
rabbit PT coelho
radio FR T.S.F.
radio ES radio
radio PT rádio
rag FR chiffon
rag ES trapo
rag PT trapo
rain FR pluie
rain ES lluvia
rain PT chuva
raincoat FR imperméable
raincoat ES impermeable
raincoat PT impermeável
raspberry FR framboise
raspberry ES frambuesa
raspberry PT framboesa
rat FR rat
rat ES rata
rat PT rato
razor FR rasoir
razor ES navaja
razor PT navalha de barbear
read FR lire
read ES leer
read PT ler
receipt FR reçu
receipt ES recibo
receipt PT recibo
red FR rouge
red ES rojo
red PT vermelho
reduce FR réduire
reduce ES reducir
reduce PT reduzir
register FR enregistrer
register ES registrar
register PT registrar
religion FR religion
religion ES religión
religion PT religião
rent FR loyer
rent ES alquiler
rent PT aluguel
repeat FR répéter
repeat ES repetir
repeat PT repetir
rest FR reposer
rest ES descansar
rest PT descansar
restaurant FR restaurant
restaurant ES restaurante
restaurant PT restaurante
rice FR riz
rice ES arroz
rice PT arroz
rich FR riche
rich ES rico
rich PT rico
rifle FR fusil
rifle ES fusil
rifle PT espingarda
right FR droit
right ES derecha
right PT direita
ring FR bague
ring ES sortija
ring PT anel
ripe FR mûr
ripe ES maduro
ripe PT maduro
Created by: fafafooey



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