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EN to FR ES PT 14

English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese 14

oil FR huile
oil ES aceite
oil PT óleo
old FR vieux
old ES viejo
old PT velho
olive FR olive
olive ES oliva
olive PT azeitona
one FR un
one ES uno
one PT um
onion FR oignon
onion ES cebolla
onion PT cebola
open FR ouvert
open ES abierto
open PT aberto
orange FR orange
orange ES naranja
orange PT laranja
ore FR minerai
ore ES mineral
ore PT minério
outside FR dehors
outside ES fuera
outside PT de fora
ox FR boeuf
ox ES buey
ox PT boi
pain FR douleur
pain ES dolor
pain PT dor
painting FR peinture
painting ES pintura
painting PT pintura
pair FR paire
pair ES pareja
pair PT par
pancake FR crêpe
pancake ES tortilla
pancake PT panqueca
panic FR panique
panic ES pánico
panic PT pânico
paper FR papier
paper ES papel
paper PT papel
parachute FR parachute
parachute ES paracaídas
parachute PT paraquedas
parcel FR paquet
parcel ES paquete
parcel PT pacote
parents FR parents
parents ES padres
parents PT pais
parking FR parking
parking ES estacíonar
parking PT estacionamento
parsley FR persil
parsley ES perejil
parsley PT salsa
part FR part
part ES parte
part PT parte
patridge FR perdrix
patridge ES perdiz
patridge PT perdiz
passport FR passeport
passport ES pasaporte
passport PT passaporte
pay FR payer
pay ES pagar
pay PT pagar
pea FR pois
pea ES guisante
pea PT ervilha
peace FR paix
peace ES paz
peace PT paz
pear FR poire
pear ES pera
pear PT pera
peasant FR paysan
peasant ES campesino
peasant PT camponês
pen FR plume
pen ES pluma
pen PT pena
pencil FR crayon
pencil ES lápiz
pencil PT lápis
pepper FR poivre
pepper ES pimienta
pepper PT pimenta
permitted FR permis
permitted ES permitido
permitted PT licito
pharmacy FR pharmacie
pharmacy ES farmacia
pharmacy PT farmácia
phonograph FR phonographe
phonograph ES fonógrafo
phonograph PT fonógrafo
physician FR médecin
physician ES médico
physician PT médico
piano FR piano
piano ES piano
piano PT piano
picture FR tableau
picture ES retrato
picture PT quadro
pig FR cochon
pig ES cerdo
pig PT porco
pigeon FR pigeon
pigeon ES pichón
pigeon PT pombo
pillow FR oreiller
pillow ES almohada
pillow PT almofada
pilot FR pilote
pilot ES piloto
pilot PT pilôto
pin FR épingle
pin ES alfiler
pin PT alfinete
pine tree FR pin
pine tree ES pino
pine tree PT pinheiro
pink FR rose
pink ES rosado
pink PT côr de rosa
pipe FR tuyau
pipe ES tubo
pipe PT tubo
plant FR plante
plant ES planta
plant PT planta
platform FR quai
platform ES andén
platform PT plataforma
play FR jouer
play ES jugar
play PT jogar
playing card FR carte à jouer
playing card ES baraja
playing card PT carta de jogas
Created by: fafafooey