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EN to FR ES PT 13

English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese 13

morning FR matin
morning ES mañana
morning PT manhã
mosquito FR moustique
mosquito ES mosquito
mosquito PT mosquito
mother FR mère
mother ES madre
mother PT mãe
mountain FR montagne
mountain ES montaña
mountain PT montanha
mouse FR souris
mouse ES ratón
mouse PT camundongo
mouth FR bouche
mouth ES boca
mouth FR bôca
mouthwash FR rince-bouche
mouthwash ES enjuague
mouthwash PT gargarejo
move FR mouvoir
move ES mover
move PT mover
movie FR cinéma
movie ES cine
movie PT cinema
much FR beaucoup
much ES mucho
much PT muito
municipality FR municipalité
municipality ES municipio
municipality PT municipalidade
mushroom FR champignon
mushroom ES seta
mushroom PT cogumelo
mustard FR moutarde
mustard ES mostaza
mustard PT mostarda
mute FR muet
mute ES mudo
mute PT mudo
mutual FR mutuel
mutual ES mutuo
mutual PT mútuo
nail FR clou
nail ES clavo
nail PT prego
nail file FR lime à ongles
nail file ES lima
nail file PT limpador de unhas
name FR nom
name ES nombre
name PT nome
nature FR nature
nature ES naturaleza
nature PT natureza
near FR près
near ES cerca
near PT próximo
neck FR cou
neck ES cuello
neck PT pescoço
necklace FR collier
necklace ES collar
necklace PT colar
needle FR aiguille
needle ES aguja
needle PT agulha
neighbor FR voisin
neighbor ES vecino
neighbor PT vizinho
nervous FR nerveux
nervous ES nervioso
nervous PT nervoso
neutral FR neutre
neutral ES neutral
neutral PT neutro
never FR jamais
never ES nunca
never PT nunca
new FR nouveau
new ES nuevo
new PT novo
newspaper FR journal
newspaper ES periódico
newspaper PT jornal
night FR nuit
night ES noche
night PT noite
nine FR neuf
nine ES nueve
nine PT nove
nineteen FR dix-neuf
nineteen ES diecinueve
nineteen PT dezenove
ninety FR quatre-vingt-dix
ninety ES noventa
ninety PT noventa
no FR non
no ES no
no PT não
noise FR bruit
noise ES ruido
noise PT barulho
noodle FR nouille
noodle ES tallarín
noodle PT macarrão
noon FR midi
noon ES mediodía
noon PT meio dia
north FR nord
north ES norte
north PT norte
nose FR nez
nose ES nariz
nose PT nariz
November FR novembre
November ES noviembre
November PT novembro
now FR maintenant
now ES ahora
now PT agora
number FR nombre
number ES número
number PT número
nurse FR ifirmière
nurse ES enfermera
nurse PT enfermeira
nut FR noix
nut ES nuez
nut PT noz
oak FR chêne
oak ES roble
oak PT carvalho
oar FR rame
oar ES remo
oar PT remo
oats FR avoine
oats ES avena
oats PT aveia
occupy FR occuper
occupy ES ocupar
occupy PT ocupar
October FR octobre
October ES octubre
October PT outubro
office FR bureau
office ES oficina
office PT escritório
Created by: fafafooey