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EN to FR ES PT 11

English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese 11

interest FR intérêt
interest ES rédito
interest PT interêsse
interpreter FR interprète
interpreter ES intérprete
interpreter PT intárprete
invention FR invention
invention ES invención
invention PT invenção
iron FR fer
iron ES hierro
iron PT ferro
ironing FR repasser
ironing ES planchar
ironing PT passar a ferro
island FR île
island ES isla
island PT ilha
January FR janvier
January ES enero
January PT janeiro
jealous FR jaloux
jealous ES celoso
jealous PT ciumento
jewel FR bijou
jewel ES joya
jewel PT jóia
joke FR plaisanterie
joke ES chiste
joke PT gracejo
July FR juillet
July ES julio
July PT julho
June FR juin
June ES junio
June PT junho
key FR clef
key ES llave
key PT chave
kidney FR rein
kidney ES riñon
kidney PT rim
king FR roi
king ES rey
king PT rei
kiss FR baiser
kiss ES beso
kiss PT beijo
kitchen FR cuisine
kitchen ES cocina
kitchen PT cozinha
knapsack FR havresac
knapsack ES mochila
knapsack PT mochila de soldado
knee FR genou
knee ES rodilla
knee PT joelho
knife FR couteau
knife ES cuchillo
knife PT faca
lace FR dentelle
lace ES encaje
lace PT renda
ladder FR échelle
ladder ES escalera
ladder PT escada de mão
lake FR lac
lake ES lago
lake PT lago
lamb FR agneau
lamb ES cordero
lamb PT cordeiro
language FR langue
language ES lengua
language PT língua
large FR grand
large ES grande
large PT grande
late FR tard
late ES tarde
late PT tarde
laugh FR rire
laugh ES reír
laugh PT rir
laundry FR blanchisserie
laundry ES lavanderia
laundry PT lavandaria
lawyer FR avocat
lawyer ES abogado
lawyer PT advogado
lazy FR paresseux
lazy ES perezoso
lazy PT preguiçoso
lead FR plomb
lead ES plomo
lead PT chumbo
leaf FR feuille
leaf ES hoja
leaf PT fôlha
learn FR apprendre
learn ES aprender
learn PT aprender
leather FR cuir
leather ES cuero
leather PT couro
leave FR laisser
leave ES dejar
leave PT deixar
left FR gauche
left ES izquierdo
left PT esquerda
leg FR jambe
leg ES pierna
leg PT perna
legal FR légal
legal ES legal
legal PT legal
lemon FR citron
lemon ES limón
lemon PT limão
lens FR lentille
lens ES lente
lens PT lente
letter FR lettre
letter ES carta
letter PT carta
library FR bibliothèque
library ES biblioteca
library PT biblioteca
life FR vie
life ES vida
life PT vida
life belt FR ceinture de sauvetage
life belt ES salvavidas
life belt PT salva-vidas
light FR lumière
light ES luz
light PT luz
lightning FR éclair
lightning ES relámpago
lightning PT relâmpago
lilac FR lilas
lilac ES lila
lilac PT lilás
lime FR chaux
lime ES cal
lime PT cal
linen FR toile de lin
linen ES lino
linen PT tela
Created by: fafafooey



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