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EN to FR ES PT 10

English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese 10

gymnastics FR gymnastique
gymnastics ES gimnasia
gymnastics PT ginástica
hail FR grêle
hail ES granizo
hail PT granizo
hair FR cheveux
hair ES pelo
hair PT cabelo
hairdresser FR coiffeur
hairdresser ES peluquero
hairdresser PT cabeleireiro
half FR demi
half ES medio
half PT meio
ham FR jambon
ham ES jamón
ham PT presunto
hammer FR marteau
hammer ES martillo
hammer PT martelo
hand FR main
hand ES mano
hand PT mão
handkerchief FR mouchoir
handkerchief ES pañuelo
handkerchief PT lenço
hang FR pendre
hang ES colgar
hang PT pendurar
harbor FR port
harbor ES puerto
harbor PT pôrto
hard FR dur
hard ES duro
hard PT duro
harvest FR moisson
harvest ES cosecha
harvest PT colheita
hat FR chapeau
hat ES sombrero
hat PT chapéu
hate FR haïr
hate ES odiar
hate PT odiar
have FR avoir
have ES tener
have PT ter
he FR il
he ES él
he PT êle
head FR tête
head ES cabeza
head PT cabeça
health FR santé
health ES salud
health PT saúde
hear FR entendre
hear ES oír
hear PT ouvir
heart FR coeur
heart ES corazón
heart PT coraçao
heavy FR lourd
heavy ES pesado
heavy PT pesado
heel FR talon
heel ES talón
heel PT calcanhar
help FR aider
help ES ayudar
help PT ajudar
here FR ici
here ES aquí
here PT aqui
herring FR hareng
herring ES arenque
herring PT arenque
highway FR route
highway ES carretera
highway PT estrada
hole FR trou
hole ES agujero
hole PT buraco
holiday FR fête
holiday ES fiesta
holiday PT feriado
honey FR miel
honey ES miel
honey PT mel
horse FR cheval
horse ES caballo
horse PT cavalo
horserace FR course de chevaux
horserace ES carrera de caballos
horserace PT corrida de cavalo
hospital FR hôpital
hospital ES hospital
hospital PT hospital
hotel FR hôtel
hotel ES hotel
hotel PT hotel
hour FR heure
hour ES hora
hour PT hora
house FR maison
house ES casa
house PT casa
hundred FR cent
hundred ES ciento
hundred PT cem
hungry FR affamé
hungry ES hambriento
hungry PT faminto
hunt FR chasser
hunt ES cazar
hunt PT caçar
husband FR mari
husband ES marido
husband PT marido
ice FR glace
ice ES hielo
ice PT gêlo
ice cream FR glace
ice cream ES helado
ice cream PT sorvete
illegal FR illégal
illegal ES ilegal
illegal PT ilegal
import FR importation
import ES importación
import PT importação
industry FR industrie
industry ES industria
industry PT industria
inflation FR inflation
inflation ES inflación
inflation PT inflação
information FR information
information ES información
information PT informação
ink FR encre
ink ES tinta
ink PT tinta
insect FR insecte
insect ES insecto
insect PT inseto
insurance FR assurance
insurance ES seguro
insurance PT seguro
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