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EN to FR ES PT 09

English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese 09

fourteen FR quatorze
fourteen ES catorce
fourteen PT catorze
fox FR renard
fox ES zorra
fox PT raposa
fragile FR fragile
fragile ES frágil
fragile PT frágil
free FR libre
free ES libre
free PT livre
fresh FR frais
fresh ES fresco
fresh PT fresco
Friday FR vendredi
Friday ES viernes
Friday PT sexta-feira
fried fish FR poisson frit
fried fish ES pescado frito
fried fish PT peixe frito
friend FR ami
friend ES amigo
friend PT amigo
frog FR grenouille
frog ES rana
frog PT
from FR de
from ES de
from PT de
front FR façade
front ES frente
front PT frente
fruit FR fruit
fruit ES fruta
fruit PT fruta
funeral FR funérailles
funeral ES funeral
funeral PT funeral
fur coat FR manteau de fourrure
fur coat ES abrigo de pieles
fur coat PT casaco de pele
gain FR gagner
gain ES ganar
gain PT ganhar
game FR jeu
game ES juego
game PT jôgo
garden FR jardin
garden ES jardín
garden PT jardim
garlic FR ail
garlic ES ajo
garlic PT alho
garter FR jarretière
garter ES liga
garter PT jarreteira
gasoline FR essence
gasoline ES gasolina
gasoline PT gasolina
guage FR jauge
guage ES medida
guage PT instrumento de medida
general delivery FR poste restante
general delivery ES lista de correos
general delivery PT posta-restante
gift FR cadeau
gift ES regalo
gift PT presente
girl FR jeune fille
girl ES muchacha
girl PT menina
give FR donner
give ES dar
give PT dar
glad FR heureux
glad ES alegre
glad PT contente
glass FR verre
glass ES vidrio
glass PT vidro
glove FR gant
glove ES guante
glove PT luva
glue FR colle
glue ES cola
glue PT cola
go FR aller
go ES ir
go PT ir
goat FR chèvre
goat ES cabra
goat PT cabra
God FR Dieu
God ES Dios
God PT Deus
gold FR or
gold ES oro
gold PT ouro
good FR bon
good ES bueno
good PT bom
goodby FR au revoir
goodby ES adíos
goodby PT adeus
goose FR oie
goose ES ganso
goose PT ganso
gooseberry FR groseille
gooseberry ES grosella
gooseberry PT groselha
government FR gouvernement
government ES gobierno
government PT govêrno
grape FR raisin
grape ES uva
grape PT uva
grapefruit FR pamplemousse
grapefruit ES toronja
grapefruit PT toronja
grass FR herbe
grass ES hierba
grass PT erva
gravy FR sauce
gravy ES salsa
gravy PT môlho
green FR vert
green ES verde
green PT verde
grey FR gris
grey ES gris
grey PT cinzento
grow FR croître
grow ES crecer
grow PT crescer
guard FR garde
guard ES guardia
guard PT guarda
guest FR invité
guest ES convidado
guest PT convidado
guide FR guide
guide ES guía
guide PT guia
guilty FR coupable
guilty ES culpable
guilty PT culpado
gun FR arme de feu
gun ES arma
gun PT arma de fogo
Created by: fafafooey



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