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EN to FR ES PT 08

English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese 08

evening FR soir
evening ES tarde
evening PT tardinha
exchange office FR bureau de change
exchange office ES oficina de cambio
exchange office PT casa de câmbio
excuse FR excuse
excuse ES escusa
excuse PT desculpa
exit FR sortie
exit ES salida
exit PT saída
expense FR frais
expense ES gasto
expense PT despesa
expensive FR cher
expensive ES caro
expensive PT caro
expire FR expirer
expire ES expirar
expire PT expirar
export FR exportation
export ES exportación
export PT exportação
exposition FR exposition
exposition ES exposición
exposition PT exposição
extreme FR extrême
extreme ES extremo
estreme PT extremo
eye FR oeil
eye ES ojo
eye PT ôlho
eyeglasses FR lunettes
eyeglasses ES lentes
eyeglasses PT óculos
face FR visage
face ES cara
face PT rosto
factory FR usine
factory ES fábrica
factory PT fábrica
far FR loin
far ES lejos
far PT longe
farm FR ferme
farm ES granja
farm PT fazenda
fast FR vite
fast ES de prisa
fast PT rápido
fat FR graisse
fat ES grasa
fat PT gordura
father FR père
father ES padre
father PT pai
February FR février
February ES febrero
February PT fevereiro
ferry FR bac
ferry ES barca
ferry PT passagem
few FR peu
few ES poco
few PT pouco
fifteen FR quinze
fifteen ES quince
fifteen PT quinze
fifty FR cinquante
fifty ES cincuenta
fifty PT cinqüenta
fig FR figue
fig ES higo
fig PT figo
find FR trouver
find ES hallar
find PT achar
finger FR doigt
finger ES dedo
finger PT dedo
fingernail FR ongle
fingernail ES uña
fingernail PT unha
fire FR feu
fire ES fuego
fire PT fogo
fish FR poisson
fish ES pescado
fish PT peixe
fist FR poing
fist ES puño
fist PT punho
five FR cinq
five ES cinco
five PT cinco
flat FR plat
flat Es plano
flat PT plano
flax FR lin
flax ES lino
flax PT linho
flea FR puce
flea ES pulga
flea PT pulga
floor FR plancher
floor ES suelo
floor PT soalho
flour FR farine
flour ES harina
flour PT farinha
flower FR fleur
flower ES flor
flower PT flôr
flute FR flûte
flute ES flauta
flute PT flauta
fly FR mouche
fly ES mosca
fly PT mosca
food FR nourriture
food ES alimento
food PT alimento
foot FR pied
foot ES pie
foot PT
football FR football
football ES fútbol
football PT futebol
forbidden FR défendu
forbidden ES prohibido
forbidden PT proibido
foreign FR étranger
foreign ES extranjero
foreign PT estrangeiro
forget FR oublier
forget ES olvidar
forget PT esquecer
fork FR fourchette
fork ES tenedor
fork PT garfo
forty FR quarante
forty ES cuarenta
forty PT quarenta
fountain pen FR stylo
fountain pen ES pluma estilográfica
fountain pen PT caneta-tineiro
four FR quatre
four ES cuatro
four PT quatro
Created by: fafafooey



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