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Chapter 12

Section 2: Human Genetics

Pedigree A diagram that shows how a trait is inherited over several generations
Carrier They have one copy of the recessive allele but do not have the disease
Genetic Disorder Diseases or disabling conditions that have a genetic basis
Polygenic Influenced by several genes
Complex Character Characters influenced strongly both by the environment and the genes
Multiple Allele Genes with three or more alleles
Codominance Both alleles are expressed in the phenotype of the heterozygote
Incomplete Dominance Offspring displays a trait that is between the 2 parents
Sex- Influenced Trait Males and females can show different phenotypes even when they share the same genotype
Huntington's Disease An autosomal dominant condition characterized by forgetfulness and irritability
Amniocentesis Doctors remove some of the amniotic fluid to analyze the cells for genetic diseases
Chorionic Villi Sampling Doctor takes a sample of the chorionic villi
Genetic Counseling The process of informing a person or couple about their genetic makeup
Gene Therapy Technique that places a healthy copy of a gene into the cells of person whose copy of the gene is defective
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