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HFG Syndrome Bicornuate uterus/hypospadias, deformed hands, feet. HomeoboxA-13 mutation.
XXY Abnormal Leydig & Sertoli->High FSH & LH. Barr Body
Hydatiform Mole Empty egg-> Diploid sperm contribution (Complete), tripoid or tetraploid (Partial) w/ greater development. Coriocarcinoma precursor.
Abruptio placentae Placental detachment: PAINFUL bleeding: associated w/DIC, smoking, HTN, Cocaine
Placenta accretia Placental attachment to myometrium. MASSIVE postpartum bleeding. Assoc w/ C-Sec & Inflammation
Adenomyositis Endometriosis within the myometrium
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Amenorrhea, infertility, obesity, hirsutism. Low FSH (semi-developed follicles), high LH->high Testosterone. Insulin resistance, endometrial cancer. Tx: Wt Loss, OCP/Gonadotropin analog, clomiphene
Follicular Ovarian Cyst Unruptured graafian follicle. Associated w elevated Estrogen/endometrial hyperplasia
Corpus Luteum Cyst Hemorrhage into persistent corpus luteum. Associated w/ menstrual irregularity
Theca-Lutein Cyst Bilateral. Due to gonadotropin stimulation. Associated w/ Choriocarcinomas & moles
Chocolate Ovarian Cyst Ovarian endometriosis ->blood containing cyst. Cycle-associated.
Ovarian germ cell tumors Yolk sac, Choriocarcinoma, Dysgerminoma, Teratoma (MATURE [only non-malignant one], Struma ovarii, immature)
Ovarian non-germ cell tumors CA-125. BRCA1, HNPCC Serous Cystadenomas/Cystadenocarcinomas, Mucinous cystadenomas/cystadenocarcinomas, Brenner Tumor, Fibromas, Granulosa Cell tumor, Krukenberg tumor
Serous Cystadenoma/Cystadenocarcinoma 70% of ovarian tumors. Bilateral, fallopian tube-like epithelium. Benign/Malignant.
Mucinous Cystadenoma/Cystadenocarcinoma Cysts lined w/ mucous secreting epithelium. Benign/Malignant
Brenner Tumor Benign, Bladder-like
Meig's Syndrome Triad Ovarian fibromas, ascites, hydrothorax. Pulling sensation in groin
Granulosa Cell Tumor Estrogen secreting (Precocious puberty). Endometrial hyperplasia ->->carcinomas. Call-Exner Bodies: Follicles w/ eosinophilic secretions
Krukenberg tumor GI metastasis to ovary: Mucin-secreting signet cell adenocarcinoma
Vaginal Clear cell adenocarcinoma DES exposure
Yolk sac (Ovarian & Testicular) Alpha Fetoprotein. Male:Schiller Duval Bodies of primitive glomeruli
Choriocarcinoma Ovarian & Testicular. Beta hCG. Women: increased theaca-lutein cysts.
Dysgerminoma hCG
Ductal Papilloma Serous +/- blood, unilobular & unilateral. Slight malignancy risk.
Ductal Carcinoma (In-Situ) Non-invasive, remains within basement membrane. ->Comedocarcinoma.
Fibroadenoma Young ppl. Small circumscribed mobile mass. Enlarge in pregnancy. Non-cancerous
Phyllodes Tumor Large, clefted leaf-like. Malignant potential.
Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Spiculated firm fibrosis. Most common & worst prognosis
Invasive Lobular Breast Carcinoma "Indian Lines" multiple, +/-bilateral
Comedocarcinoma Ductal, necrosis. Higher grade DCIS. Diffuse paplapble mass.
Paget's Disease Ductal epithelium spread. Red nipple. Large clear cells.
Inflammatory Breast Carcinoma Lymphatic involvement. Peau d'orange.
Breast Cancer Risk Factors Early menarche. Late 1st pregnancy, late menopaus. Family. BRCA1/2, HNPCC, erb-B2
XYY Antisocial
XO +/- Mosaic form. Leydig & Theca cell dysgenesis-> high FSH, LH. Horseshoe kidney, bicuspid Aortic valve. High palate. Preductal coarct.
Testicular Germ Cell Tumors Seminoma, Embryonal Carcinoma, Yolk Sac, Choriocarcinoma, Teratoma
Non-Germ Cell Tumors (Sex cord) Leydig Cell, Sertoli Cell, Testicular Lymphoma.
Leydig Cell Tumor Reinke crystals. Androgens-> Gynecomastia, precocious puberty
Seminoma Painless. Watery cytoplasm. Radiosensitive & late metastasis. Good prognosis.
Embyonal Carcinoma Painful. Poor prognosis. Glandular/papillary.
Bowden Disease/Erythroplasia of Queyrat SINGLE erythematous plaque on shaft or scrotum/glans. Risk of carcinoma.
Reinke Crystals Leydig Cell Tumor
Call-Exner Bodies Theca Cell Tumor
Created by: Kyle Tiemeier
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