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Exam 5

Part B-Multiple Choice

Which antibodies will be in the serum of a person with blood type A, Rh+? Anti-B
The chemical mediators of anaphylaxis are Found in basophils and mast cells
Which of the following may result from systemic anaphylaxis? Shock
Which type of transplant is the most compatible? Autograft
Graft-versus-host disease will most likely be a complication of: A bone marrow transplant
A hypersensitivity reaction occurs On a second or subsequent exposure to an antigen.
Hemolytic disease of the newborn can result from An Rh- mother with an Rh+ fetus.
Curds are a Solid
Reaction of antigen with IgE antibodies attached to mast cells causes Degranulation
Worldwide, the primary method of transmission of HIV is Heterosexual intercourse
Desensitization involves injection of Antigens
Most of the available antimicrobial agents are effective against Bacteria
In what way are semisynthetic penicillin and natural penicillin alike? Both are based on B-lactam
Protozan and helminthic disease are difficult to treat because Their cells are structurally and functionally similar to human cells.
Which of the following statements about drug resistance is false? It is found only in gram-negative bacteria.
In the presence of only penicillin does a cell die? No
Use of antibiotics in animal feed leads to antibiotic-resistant bacteria because The abx kill susceptible bacteria, but the few that are naturally resistant live and reproduce, and their progeny repopulate the host animal
Canning preserves food by Heating
Which of the following is NOT a habitat where only extremophiles would be found? Inside rock
Which of the following is NOT an industrial product produced by microbes? Uranium
What process does yeast use to produce ethanol for automobile fuel from corn? Fermentation
Your friend says he had stored a semi-soft cheese (blue cheese) in his refrigerator for 3 weeks. he asks you why the outer "skin" of the cheese is so much thicker than it was when he originally purchased the cheese. you tell him that Fungi have been growing
In antagonism, two drugs are ___ than a single drug. worse
The holistic idea of consuming local milk & honey is actually doing ____. Desensitizing
Poison ivy dermatitis is due to ____ reaction. delayed hypersensitive
High BOD indicates More polluted water
Purification strategies in municipal water supplies involves: Sedimentation Filtration Disinfection
Why would a farmer purchase Rhizobium? To provide nitrogen to his plants
Bioremediation is cleaning up ___. Pollution
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