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Unit 5 Vocabulary

Inherited Physical Trait Characteristic that is passed from parent to offspring (eye color, hair color, etc.)
Acquired Physical Trait Characteristic that an animal or plant has that it was not born with
Learned Behavior Behavior that an animal learns throughout life (dog fetching, writing, climbing trees)
Inherited Behavior Behavior an animal is born with- an Instinct
Offspring Children or descendants of a parent
Diurnal Active most often in the daytime
Nocturnal Active most often in the nightime
Structure How the parts are put together
Function Use or purpose of something
Reproduction Process of an organism producing more of its own kind
Trait Characteristic or quality that an organism has
Heredity The way that traits are passed from parent to offspring
Symbiotic Interdependence of 2 organisms-they need each other for survival
Impact Effect of something on something else
Carrying Capacity The maximum number of individuals of a given species that an area's resources can sustain without significantly depleting those resources
Created by: jchapates