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Def test #1 206

Implant A permanent replacement of one or more teeth with a fixture and an abutment that are anchored into the bone
Osseointegration The process of introducing certain metals, such as titanium, into living bone and forming a biocompatible bond with living bone
Apical Curettage Surgical removal of infectious material surrounding the apex of a root
Apicoectomy Surgical removal of the apical portion of the tooth through a surgical opening made in the overlaying bone and gingival tissue
Endodontist A dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp and the periradicular tissues
Gutta-Percha Plastic type of filling material used in endodontics
Hemisection Surgical separation of a multi rooted tooth through the furcation area
Irreversible Pulpitis Infectious condition in which the pulp is incapable of healing, which would then require root canal therapy
Nonvital Not living, as in oral tissue and tooth structure
Obturation Process of filling a root canal
Palpation Touching or feeling for abnormalities within soft tissue
Percussion Examination technique that involves tapping on the incisal or occlusal surface of a tooth to access vitality
Pulpectomy Complete removal of vital pulp from a tooth
Pulpitis Inflammation of the dental pulp
Pulpotomy Removal of the coronal portion of a vital pulp from a tooth
Reversible Pulpitis Form of pulpal inflammation in which the pulp may be salvageable
Gingivectomy Surgical removal of diseased gingival tissue
Gingivoplasty Surgical reshaping and contouring of gingival tissues
Mobility To have movement
Osteoplasty Surgery in which bone is added, contoured, and re shaped
Periodontal Pocket Deeping of the gingival sulcus beyond normal
Periodontal Probe Probe used to locate and measure the depth of periodontal pockets
Periodontics Dental speciality involved with the diagnosis and treatment of disease of the supporting tissues
Scaling Removal of calculus deposits from the teeth with the use of suitable instruments
Ultrasonic Scaler Device used for rapid calculus removal
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