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Ch. 16

Evolution Part 2 (Still wondering...)

To what amount do the relative gene pool frequencies always add? 100%
What type of selection is represented if every baby born weighed less than 5 pounds and more than 10 pounds? disruptive selection
What can vary becasue each has a unique number and sequence of amino acids? proteins
Which type of genetic drift occurs from smaller groups inhabiting a new habitat? Founder effect
Name the three parts of a DNA nucleotide nitrogen bases, phosphate groups, deoxyribose
Which part of the cell contains coded instructions for making proteins nucleus
What are the building blocks of RNA molecules? nucleotide
When Mendel crosssed true-breeding tall with true-breeding short, why were all of the offspring tall? dominance
According to Darwin's theory of evolution, those that survive are what? fit
What are the two sources of genetic variation? mutations,crossing over (gene shuffle)
Which type of cell contains a nucleus?
What does natural selection affect? traits
What is the separation of populations by a physical barrier caled? geographic isolation
What is the final step in the formation of a new species reproductive isolation
What is it called when alleles change by chance? genetic drift
What was the driving force behind teh evolution of the Galapagos finches? available food
how does a lethal recessive allele remain in a population? heterozygotes
Which organelle is found in plants but not animal cells? chloroplast
If a new trait such as skin color is introduced into a population, what determines whether that trait remains? whether it increases fitness
According to Darwin's theory of natural selection, organisms must survive and?
If an organism's diploid number is 10, what is its haploid number? 5
If you cross the following, how many different phenotypes will be found in the offspring: RrYY X RrYy D/d. r/d
Two tall heterozygotes produce a short offspring. Whic of Mendel's laws explains how this happens? dominance & segregation
Where are proteins assembled Ribosomes
Why does a virus need a host to survive can't reproduce on its own
What is the most common cause of gentic variation? mutations
What is the most important characteristic of a population that will ensure its survival during episodic speciation? biodiversity
Identify the mRNA prduced from the following DNA: GACTTGAC CUGAACUG
Identify the replicated DNA that results from the following DNA strand: GACTTGAC GACTTGAC
Which two scientists were the main contributors to evolution? Charles Darwin, and Gregor Mendel
How are polygenic traits shown? in a bell curve
How are single gene traits shown on a bar graph
All of the alleles in a population is called a what? gene pool
What is relative frequency of an allele # of times you see an allele
What is a mutation? change in DNA
What is gene shuffling? crossing over
What is a polygenic trait? controlled by many genes
What are the three types of polygenic selection Directional, disruptive, stabilizing
What is directional selection? individuals at one end have higher fitness, curve shifts to one end
What is diruptive selection? individuals at both ends of the graph
What is stabiliaing selectiong Individuals with fitness are in the middle of the graph.
What is genetic drift? Random change in allele frequencies
What are the causes of genetic drift? founder effect and individuals having more descendants
What is the bottleneck
How does a population bottleneck occur? founder effect human hunting to near extinction
What is the hardy-weinberg Principle? genetic equilibrium without the influence of evolution
What are three conditions required to maintain genetic equilibrium large population, random mating, no mutations
What is genetic equilibrium? when allele frequencies are kept constant
What is speciateion evolution of a new species from a single ancestor
What is a species? a group of similar organisms structurally and biochemically
Organism from the same species can intrebreed successfully in nature
What is divergent evolution isolated species evolve independently
What is convergent evolution similar environment-similar adaptation
Whjat woud have the least effect on natural selection in a subspecies of giraffes that is geographically isolated form other subpecies of giraffes chromosome number because it is not a factor that influences natural selection
What is mass extinction a sharp decrease in number of species in a short times
What is biodiversity variety and abundance of a species in a community
Biodiversity ensures species survival
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