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EN to FR ES PT 01

English to French, Spanish, and Portuguese 01

able FR capable
able ES capaz
able PT capaz
abroad FR à l'étranger
abroad ES en el extranjero
abroad PT ao estrangeiro
absent FR absent
absent ES ausente
absent PT ausente
accept FR accepter
accept ES aceptar
accept PT aceitar
accident FR accident
accident ES accidente
accident PT acidente
accompany FR accompagner
accompany ES acompañar
accompany PT acompanhar
accordion FR accordéon
accordion ES acordeón
accordion PT acordeon
account FR compte
account ES cuenta
account PT conta
across FR à travers
across ES a través de
across PT através de
actor FR acteur
actor ES actor
actor PT ator
address FR adresse
address ES dirección
address PT enderêço
advertisement FR annonce
advertisement ES anuncio
advertisement PT anúncio
advice FR conseil
advice ES consejo
advice PT conselho
affair FR affaire
affair ES asunto
affair PT assunto
after FR après
after ES después
after PT depois
afternoon FR après-midi
afternoon ES tarde
afternoon PT tarde
again FR encore
again ES otra vez
again PT outra vez
against FR contre
against ES contra
against PT contra
age FR âge
age ES edad
age PT idade
agree FR consentir
agree ES acordar
agree PT concordar
aim FR but
aim ES objeto
aim PT alvo
air FR air
air ES aire
air PT ar
airplane FR avion
airplane ES aeroplano
airplane PT avião
airport FR aéroport
airport ES aeropuerto
airport PT aeroporto
all FR tout
all ES todo
all PT tudo
alone FR suel
alone ES solo
alone PT
also FR aussi
also ES también
also PT também
altitude FR altitude
altitude ES altitud
altitude PT altitude
aluminum FR aluminium
aluminum ES aluminio
aluminum PT alumínio
ambassador FR ambassadeur
ambassador ES embajador
ambassador PT embaixador
amount FR somme
amount ES suma
amount PT soma
and FR et
and ES y
and PT e
angry FR fâché
angry ES enojado
angry PT irado
animal FR animal
animal ES animal
animal PT animal
ankle FR cheville
ankle ES tobillo
ankle PT tornozelo
another FR autre
another ES otro
another PT outro
answer FR répondre
answer ES contestar
answer PT responder
ant FR fourmi
ant ES hormiga
ant PT formiga
apartment FR appartement
apartment ES piso
apartment PT apartamento
appetite FR appétit
appetite ES apetito
appetite PT apetite
apple FR pomme
apple ES manzana
apple PT maçã
appointment FR rendez-vous
appointment ES cita
appointment PT prazo-dado
apricot FR abricot
apricot ES albaricoque
apricot PT damasco
April FR avril
April ES abril
April PT abril
architect FR architecte
architect ES arquitecto
architect PT arquiteto
arm FR bras
arm ES brazo
arm PT braço
army FR armée
army ES ejército
army PT exército
arrival FR arrivée
arrival ES llegada
arrival PT chegada
art FR art
art ES arte
art PT arte
artificial FR artificiel
artificial ES artificial
artificial PT artificial
Created by: fafafooey