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marine module 13

module 13 notes

Where does the most human activity occur in the epipelagic zone? Neritic zone - shallower water aka the beach
Difference between Holoplankton and Meroplankton holoplankton live their entire lives as plankton; meroplankton start out as plankton and spend only part of their lives as plankton (turn into benthic and planktonic forms as adults)
What is the role of picoplankton recycles energy of DOM; DOM contains a lot of energy
What is the most plentiful type of zooplankton in the epipelagic zone? Copepods
Explain the role of larvaceans in the food web 1. able to capture all of the really tiny plankton and make energy from it and make it available to rest of the epipelagic 2. shed mucus covering during their lifetime which provides food for epipelagic organisms
Give an example of a large nektonic organism that is not a carnivore Baleen whale
If an epipelagic organism has feathery projections on its body is it going to be planktonic or nektonic? Why? Planktonic, because the feathery stuff provides drag, helpful for staying afloat
How does a tuna benefit from having both a swim bladder and dark myboglobin rich muscles? aid in buoyancy and provides oxygen to the muscles to become more efficient
Know what kind of organisms the violet shell feeds on nueston
Why do most epipelagic nekton have silver and blue in color? To blend into the water and sky (camouflage); countershading - from the top it blends in with the ocean, from the bottom it blends in with the sky
Which creatures undergo vertical migration? Zooplankton - to get away from predators
Explain why microbial loop is sometimes called a food web within a food web It utilizes DOM (uses energy to make available to recycle back to a bigger food web)
Explain why the equator has a higher amount of primary productivity Constant wind blowing at the equator - pushes surface water away and more nutrient rich water that is deeper is pushed to the surface (upwelling)
El NiƱo - how is the weather in India connected to the weather in Peru or Chile? Seesaw effect in barometric pressure, weather switches off between those two
Created by: a.allsup