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Cell theroy

What is photosynthesis? a process used by plants that uses light energy from the sun, CO2 and water to convert into energy in the form of glucose.
What is respiration? the process of burning sugar to create energy for growth reproduction and other life processes.
What is transpiration? the loss of water vapor from the stomata of leaves
What is cell theory? the theory which describes the properties of cells which are the basic unit of structure in all organisms
What is mutualism? a relationship between to different species in which both benefit from the activity of the other
What is parasitism? a non mutual relationship between species where as the parasite depends on the benefit of the host eg tapeworm
What is an organelle? specialized part of the cell the has a special function
What is ATP? its a molecule that stores energy and transports energy throughout the cells
What is mitochondria? organelles found within the cytoplasm of cells and they act as the sight for the production of high energy compounds
What is ecology? the analysis and study of interactions among organisms and their environment
What is an ecosystem? a community of living organisms interacting as a system with the non-living components of the environment.
What is the difference between a producer and consumer? a producer manufactures their own energy by photosynthesis and a consumer feeds on the producer
What is diffusion? the movement of substances (excluding water) from an area of high concentration to low concentration
What is osmosis? the movement of water substances from an area of high concentration to low concentration through a semi-permeable membrane.
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