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Quiz 6 review


What is natural selection? Individual plants/animals have qualities that give them better skills for survival and successful reproduction. The genes for those better qualities are then passed on to their offspring.
What are vestigial structures? Structures that we have, but no longer need.
How do fossils help prove evolution? We can see the structure of the species from long ago and compare it to species today.
What are some examples of homologous structures? The structure of an arm/leg/fin in various animals
What are the four principles of natural selection? Variation, Overproduction, Adaptation,Descent with modification. Variation: the heritable differences or variations in a species. Overproduction: having to many offspring that not all will survive. Adaptation: some species adapt better to their enviorment
Using the principles of natural selection, explain how populations of bacteria evolve to become more resistant to antibiotics over time. They become resistant to antibiotics over time because when their cells replicate the bacteria become more and more resistant.
Give examples of vestigial structures. male nipples, ear lobes, apendix
Give examples of homologous structures; give examples of analogous structures. homologous: human arm and whale fin. Analogous: butterfly and a bird
Which theory better explains how natural selection acts on anteater populations over time? Explain why you made this choice. Theory A, because if the ant eaters stretch their tongues their offspring would not come out with long tongues, but if your parents have the mutation for the long tongue trait there is a possibility you will have a long tongue when you're born.
Created by: jillbill101