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biology chapter 33

they can be layer on dry land because they are water tight and they contain there own supply of water Amniotic egg
what is the amniotic eggs food source yolk
outermost membrane allows oxygen to enter but retains water Chorion
encloses the developing embryo with in a fluid filled cavity amnion
it contains the yolk which the embryo absorbs through blood vessels connected to its gut yolk sac
surround the cavity into which waste products from the embryo are excreted Allantois
what are the 4 membranes chorion amnion yolk sac allantois
majority of reptiles Oviparous
some reptiles ovoviviparous
some reptiles viviparous
the body temp is determined by the temp of the environment ectothermic
is to slow to keep there body’s warm therefore they must adsorb warmth from the surroundings metabolism
why do they hibernate in the winter At very cold temperature they become sluggish and unable to function therefore they hibernate through winter in temperate climates
the water; streamed lined disked shaped shell turtles
live on land; dome shaped shell tortoise
turtles and tortoises have how many species 250
what order are turtles and tortoises in Chelonia
They have lack teethe but have beaks turtle and tortoises
fused plats of bone covered with horn shields or tough leathery skin turtles and tortoises shell shape
what are the 2 parts of the turtles and tortoises shell Carapace plastron
top or dorsal part carapace
bottom or ventral part plastron
the shell on turtles and tortoises are are fused to the inside of the carpus and all of the support from muscle attachment comes from the shell
what orders are tuatara's in Rhynchocephalia
2 related species that are up to 2 feet long Lizard like reptiles tuataras
They are unlike most reptiles scene they are most active at low temperatures they burrow and the bask tuataras
what order are snakes and lizards in Squamata
how many species of lizard and snakes 3800 and 3000
what are 2 main characteristics of snakes and lizards Paired reproductive organs of males Lower jaw loosely connected to skull
the poison is produced by a modified salivary glands and is injected through grooves and hollow teeth poisonous snake
the flick there tongues in order to sample the air particles are picked up from the air are transferred to the Jacobson's organs snakes and lizards
which taste and small the air Jacobson's organs
what order is crocodiles and alligators in Crocadilia
how many species of large aquatic reptiles do crocodiles and alligators have 25
how do alligators and crocodiles capture there pray The capture there pray by floating just beneath the water surface near the shore and then they hale it into the water then drown it and then eat it
alligators and crocodiles high on the sides of the head eye
alligators and crocodiles on top of the snout which allow them to lay submerged, have a valve in the back of there mouth which prevents water to enter in the air passage when eating under water nostrils
pointed snout; teeth protrude crocodiles
blunt snout; teeth within the jaw alligators
modified reptilian scales feathers
what are the 2 functions of the feathers Providing lift for flight Conserving heat
the features develop from tiny pits follicles
in the skin a shaft emerges from the follicle then pairs of vanes develop on opposite sides of the quill the vein has branches barbs
the barbs have projection called barbules
this gives a continuous surface and a sturdy but flexible shape that can be regrown microscopic hooks
The bones are fused making the skeleton rigid sturdy frame to an core muscle during flight the stamen has a ridge called a keel
for attachment of flight muscles and the clavicles which are the color bones which are fused keel
Thin and hollow birds skeleton
birds generate enough heat through metabolism to maintain a high body temperature endothermic
birds have no _____ teeth
birds have a Super efficient Respiratory system because of the air sac
Divided heart therefore there is no mixing of the blood
what are the 4 categorized wings Elliptical High-speed Soaring High lift
short and wide ex) woodpecker elliptical
thin long and tapered ex)swift high-speed
long and thin ex) seagull soaring
large and convex ex) eagle high lift
wading storks
swimming ducks
climbing woodpecker
grasping fawkin
perching wren
Large quantities of food because of there high body temperature and fling activity's Birds
What is the 1st part of a stomach of a bird Digestive juice
What is the second part of a stomach of a bird Gizzard
How do birds digest things through the mouth into the Esophagus  crop (enlargement of esophagus)  2 part stomach – 1st digestive juice, 2nd gizzard  intestine  cloaca
In a bird Waste is not stored but Expelled immediately
____of the birds air is exchanged through the lungs; ____ and the rest in the air sacs 25%;75%
song box of the birds Syrinx
What kind of excretion do birds have They have No bladder
Why do bird have keen eye sight because of the positioning of eyes on the sides allowing them to see around them
What kind of hearing do birds have keen
these incubated in less than 2 weeks they are immerged naked blind and helpless Altricial Chicks
Well developed, alert, able to move and feed themselves They are Covered with soft down Precocial Chicks
Enables birds to live year round in warm climate Migration
Provides best possible environment for raising young migration
Have instinctive sense of direction birds
What are 2 flightless birds ostrich, penguin
What are 3 birds of prey eagle, hawk, falcon
Larges birds of pray Eagle and vulture
What are 4 game birds turkey, quail, pheasant, chicken
The flight muscles are the white meet and they are white because the lack blood supply
What are 3 song birds sparrows, wrens, robins
The male attracts the female by there Singing ability
Created by: Lauren Bowers