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Mendelian Genetics

Offspring that results from crosses between parents with different traits are called? Hybrids
The chemical factors that determine traits are called? Genes
The principle of dominances states that? Some alleles are dominate and others are recessive
A heterozygous tall pea plant is crossed with a short plant. The probability that an F1 plant will be tall is? 50%
Organism that have two identical alleles for a particular trait are said to be? Homozygous
A punnett square shows? Probable outcomes of genetic crosses
How many different allele combinations would be found in the gametes produced by a pea plant whose genotype was RrYY? Two
What type of cross would explain how when you cross chickens with black feathers with chickens with white feathers you get checkered chickens (feathers that have both black and white stripes)? Codominant
Variation in human skin color is an example of? Polygenic traits
The number of chromosomes in a gamete is represented by the symbol? N
If an organism's diploid number is 12, its haploid number is? 6
Gametes are produced by the process of? Meiosis
Unlike mitosis, meiosis results in the formation of? 4 genetically different cells/haploid cells
The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called? Heredity
The scientific study of heredity is called? Genetics
The "father" of genetics was? Gregor Mendel
An allele that is always expressed whenever it is present is called? dominant
The phenotype of an organism is? The physical appearance of a trait
If an individual possesses two recessive alleles for the same trait, the individual is said to be? Homozygous for the trait
When an individual heterozygous for a trait is crossed with an individual homozygous recessive for the trait, the offspring produced will? All have the same genotype
If a characteristic is sex-linked, the gene for it is found on? A Sex chromosome
Since the allele for colorblindness is located on the X chromosome, colorblindness is? sex linked
A diagram in shich several generations of a family and the occurrence fo certain genetic characteristics are shown is called a? Pedigree
What would be the blood type of a person who inherited an A allele from one parent and an O allele from the other? Type A
How many chromosomes are in the body cells of an organism that has a haploid number of 8? 16
The diploid number of chromosomes in a human skin cell is 46. The number of chromosomes found in a human egg cell is? 23
A woman is Type O and marries a man who is Type AB; which of the following would be possible offspring? Type A and Type B
Horses born to 2 palomino (golden coated) horses have a 25% chance of having a white coat, a 25% chance of having a brown coat, and a 50% chance of having a palomino coat. Which description of inheritance explains the coat color trait in these horses? Coat color is an incompletely dominant traint
Adrenoleulodystropy (ALD) is a sex-linked recessive trait that affects the nervous system. In one family, the father, mother, and elder son do not have ALD, while the younder son has ALD. Who must be a carrier of the ALD allele? The Mother
Dimples are dominant to no dimples. What would the phenotypic ratio be of a cross between: Dd X Dd 3:1
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