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DEA 253 Midterm

practice for the final

An example of primary prevention is ____. Sealants
Root canal therapy is an example of _____. Secondary Prevention
The film that serves to protect the bacteria from physical and chemical destruction and aids in adherence for bacteria is ______. Extracellular Polysacharides
A well-organized community of bacteria that adheres to surfaces and is embedded in a protective slime layer is termed _____. Biofilm
Calculus is considered a local risk factor of periodontal disease because The surface of the calculus is irregular and provides a handy place for bacteria to grow undisturbed
T or F? The most harmful biofilm bacteria are characterized as gram positive, anaerobic, and non-motile False
Which structure of a biofilm protects the bacterial microcolonies from systemic antibiotics and the body’s immune system? Extracellular Slime Layer
The critical pH range for enamel demineralization to occur is between ____ and _____. 4.5 and 5.5
The major pathogenic bacterial species involved in caries initiation are ____. Streptococcus Mutans and Sorbinus
What has the greatest influence on exacerbating caries formation? Frequency of carbohydrate ingestion
A well-established case of gingivitis is clearly clinically evident by ____ to _____. 14-21 days
A carious lesion that forms on intact enamel other than pits and fissures is referred to as a ______ Smooth surface caries
When caries occurs on the tooth surrounding a restoration its called _____ Recurrent Caries
A patient’s salivary function can be reduced by _____ Illness, Medication, and Radiation therapy
Accompanying inflammation is a definite order of arriving defense cells. The first cells to arrive are Polymorphonuclear leukocytes
The U.S. Public Health Service established an optimal standard for fluoride in the drinking water in the U.S. based upon the annual average of maximum daily air temperature. As a result, the optimum level is actually a range of _____ 0.7-1.0 ppm
T or F? Topical fluoride is applied directly to the tooth through use of a toothbrush, mouthrinse and applications of gels, foams, and varnishes AND topical fluoride is acceptable to swallow First part of statement is correct; second part is incorrect
what is not an example of systemic fluoride? Toothpastes and Mouthrinses
Community water fluoridation is ideal primary health prevention because Inexpensive
T or F? The dentists determine if a dental assistant can perform professional topical fluoride application to a patient not the state law False
All of the following regarding bacterial biofilm is correct EXCEPT? Until recently, bacteria were studied as they grew on culture plates in a laboratory leading to strategies against plaque that were largely ineffective
Is associated with gingivitis... Redness, Reversible and Enlarged Gingiva
False in regards to calculus formation Calculus inhibitors only work on subgingival calculus
What is the term for the dissolution of calcium and phosphate from the tooth? Demineralization
What is the term for the rapid and extensive formation of caries? Rampant Caries
What characteristic is typical of bacteria in a biofilm? Bacteria communicate with each other by sending out chemical signals
The relationship between periodontal disease and heart disease may be from Oral bacteria affect the heart by attaching to fatty plaques in the coronary arteries causing a clot, by thickening of the walls of the coronary arteries from buildup of fatty proteins. can obstruct blood flow, restricting nutrients and oxygen required
Before prescribing supplements, the dentist considers.... floride in the water and amount of sugar consumed
What is the goal of a patient education program to teach patients how to take care of their teeth and develop sound dental habits
What is the initial step in a patient education progam? listening to the patient
What technique is used in a dental office to provide fluoride treatment topical
What is the name of the process by which fluoride protects the teeth from decay? remineralization
What dental condition is the result of too much fluoride Fluorosis
Fluoride varnish is used with which group of patients? any age
How do sugar-free sodas relate to dental caries? increase acidity
WHAT IS CAMBRA? Caries management determined by risk assessment, its basically when you take the evidence at hand that caused the caries and you come up with ways of prevention to treat the dental caries in the early stages.
WHAT IS ppm? PPM is defined as parts per million and is used when determining the amount of fluoride in the water to prevent fluorosis.
WHAT IS DENTAL FLUOROSIS? a dental condition that results from too much fluoride. more common in children because it affects a developing teeth. visually see white spots on tooth surfaces and eventually can turn yellow or brown and you may also notice pitting on the enamel.
WHAT IS RECURRENT DECAY? its decay that has already been removed and repaired and the decay comes back under the restoration.
WHAT IS ACUTE FLUORIDE TOXICITY? Acute intake is a fast absorption of an excessive dose in a short time amount of time and causes a condition from toom much fluoride consumption thats symptoms include gastrointestinal pain, nausea, vomiting and headaches
WHAT IS CHRONIC FLUORIDE TOXICITY? Chronic toxicity happens long term and is in smaller doses over more time when some one consumes too much fluorided
WHAT IS PERIODONTITIS? Periodontitis is inflammatory disease of the supporting tissues of the teeth
WHAT IS ECC? E - Early C - Childhood C - Caries
NAME THE FOUR GENERAL AREAS OF THE TOOTH FOR CARIOUS LESIONS pits and fissures are found on the occlusal surfaces as well as in the buccal and lingual grooves. they can happen on intact enamal known as smooth surface caries. root caries on exposed roots, and under restorations, known as recurrent caries
How might the bacteria respond to your question about advantages of living in a biofilm? never hungry, expanding rapidly/ endlessly, protected by extracellular slime layer thats resistant antimicrobial agents,antibiotics,& body's immune response. able to communincate with one another, develop different genes after attachment
LIST the Factors involved in the Formation of a Carious Lesion (cavity) Acid attacks, causing demineralization & dissolves calcium that protects the tooth, open door for fluoride and new calcium to reenter the enamel, and this is remineralization. Bacteria,Tooth surface, and Fermentable Carbohydrates all over time equal DECAY
How does saliva protect the teeth from dental caries? washes away food that sticks to teeth creating a barrior, think of it as a river, fast moving. there is a chemical reaction that stabilizes calcium and phosphates allowing remineralization. your spit contains antibodies.
What precautions are necessary for children using fluoridated toothpaste? supervised, swallowing tooth paste could cause acute fluoride toxemia. take into consideration: does the child live in an area with fluorinated water, is there a fluoride program at school? too much fluoride = dental fluorosis on developing teeth.
How do sugar-free sodas relate to dental caries? reduce saliva production Saliva is key to good dental health it acts like a protective barrier that wicks acid away that would normally cling to your teeth and eat away at the enamal Its the acidity of the soda even in sugar free soda that is the concern
As a dental assistant, you have been asked to speak to a group of pregnant women regarding their dental health. Why is it important for these pregnant women to have excellent dental health before their babies are born? Mothers can pass on caries causing bacteria to their babies
Mrs. Hatrick informs you that they both eat the same amount of sweets. However, Christie eats her sweets all at once, but Callie divides her sweets throughout the day. Which of the twins is most likely to have tooth decay? Why? Callie,the way sugar breaks down it crates a bacteria that become an acid that breaks down enamel. Eating this way prolongs the time this can build up eating it all at once allows saliva to help kill off some of the bacteria and protect the teeth
medical history indicates that he is taking medications for his Type I diabetes mellitus. On the basis of this information, do you think you might see any unusual conditions in his oral tissues? If so, what and why? BE SPECIFIC. diabetic are more susceptible to contracting infections, likely to have periodontal disease (often considered a complication of diabetes) looks like severlly inflamed gums. Severe PD increase blood sugar, This is increased risk for diabetic complication.
A male patient has come in for a new patient examination. He indicates that he smokes 1/pk a day of cigarettes, takes no medications, and “notices his front teeth are loose”. What is the relationship between smoking and periodontal disease? BE SPECIFIC pockets = breeding of bacteria, bigger via chemicals that break down gum tissue.reduces saliva that protect teeth,wash bacteria/contains antibacterial fighters. inhaled bacteria into lungs= pneumonia, bronchitis emphysema. constricts veins/ slows healing
A 10 year boy does not think he should give up eating sweets all day long? What facts would you tell this young man and HOW would you present this information to a 10 year old boy? What would be your "show, tell, do " approach? all day to build up. eat fast to wash away sugar before turning to acid/ destroy teeth.paint the same spot it won't dry and the paintbrush is going to break through the paper. the ph of plague is lowered and the teeth are unable to remineralize the enamel
A mother is afraid to have fluoride treatment on her children because she heard fluoride is a poison Fluoride is not a poison. when taken correctly fluoride provides many advantages to dental health and aid in the provention of dental caris. and its naturally found in nature
heart disease with periodontal disease. connection between heart disease and periodontal disease. How would you answer and what is your delivery for patient education to this patient? What style would you use to inform someone about this connection? history stroke or heart disease higher risk PD bacteria become plaque,settles on teeth.plaque hardens (calculus/tartar, removed by hygienist. infection spread to arteries/veins. bacteria can stick to plaque, cause a blockage heart or your brain.
jeremy, 13, 9 cavities, occlusal high number of restorations diet eating habits poor oral care. Jeremy needs to cut out sweets, establish a sound eating scheduale, brush and floss twice daily, and xylitol promotes saliva flow that will help reduce his risk of decay
ortho patent, red gums gingivitus
Discuss the FIVE Stages of change and use floss as an example in someone going through the stages of Change. History, past experience, medical conditions, behavioral conditions, ease of use and patients beliefs or preferences
Created by: ashblake4
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