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Exam 4

Vocabulary Part II

Reservoir Continual source
Carrier Organism (usually humans) that harbors pathogens and transmits them to others
Zoonoses Disease occurs primarily in wild and domestic animals but can be transmitted to humans
Morbidity Incidence of specific disease, being deceased
Mortality Number of deaths from a specific notifiable disease
Siderophores Bacterial iron-binding proteins
Toxemia Presence of toxins in the blood
Antitoxins Specific antibody produced by the body in response to a bacterial exotoxin or its toxoid
Toxoids Inactivated toxin
Shock (septic) Sudden drop in BP induced by bacterial toxins
Cytokines (Chemical messengers) Small proteins released from human cells that regulate immune response directly or indirectly with fever, pain or T Cell proliferation
Perorin Protein makes a pore in a target cell membrane, released by cytotoxic T lymphocytes
Interferons (IFNs) Specific group of cytokines (alpha, beta, gamma) that are produced in response to the immune system
Thymus Mammalian organ responsible for immune system maturation
T-cell receptors Molecules on T-cells that recognize antigens
Antigens Any substance that cause antibody formation
Antibodies Globulin proteins (protein family w/a compact, globular from)
Clonal Selection Development of clones of B&T cells against a specific antigen
Agglutination Clumping, joining together of cells
Opsonization Enhancement of phagocytosis by coating microorganisms with certain serum proteins
Interleukins Chemicals which cause T Cell proliferation
Conjugated vaccines Vaccine consisting of desired antigen and other proteins
Susceptibility Lack of resistance to a disease
Immunity Ability to ward of disease
Innate Immunity Defenses against any pathogens
Adaptive Immunity Immunity, resistance to a specific pathogen
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