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Vertebrate Zoology

Anura (Frogs and Toads)

Derived Anatomy of Anura Elongated ilium for better attachment of better hind limb muscles; Urostyle and fewer vertebrae for sturdier jumps; Longer hind limbs for change of lateral undulation to jumping locomotion
Semi-aquatic/Jumper Anura Live by margins of water bodies for two environments and lots of food; Weak chemical defenses so jumping evasions; waiting out prey
Hopper/Traveller Anura Travel and hunt prey; Shorter legs; Can absorb water for travels; Poison glands and camouflage for predators
Swimming.Fully Aquatic Anura Large webbed feet; Retail larval lateral line
Arboreal/Climbing Anura Elongated limbs for climbing, crawling, and stretching but not jumping; Enlarged adhesion discs on feet that only work when facing up
Feeding Anatomies Anura Tongue folded in mouth with sticky saliva, flops out with contractions and is pulled back in
Mate Finding of Anura Singing by using air from lungs across vocal chords, into vocal sacs, and then back into lungs to save time, energy, and air; Breath cutaneously during; Implies good hearing and neurological pathways
Eggs of Anura Gelatenous mass in water, on leaves near water, in plant bases with water, or covered in mucus; 20% of frogs surpass the larval aquatic state
Parental Care of Anura Young in vocal sac, young given unfertilized eggs and moved from pool to pool, eggs in skin of back
Breeding of Anura Explosive breeding when time limits environmental water conditions, most males mate and females are not choosy; Prolonged breeding has no time constrains, females are choosy and gives way for extensive courting and sexual selection
Created by: LionsandGiants