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personal finance

taxes required charges of citizens by local, state, and federal governmants
W-4 employees withholding allowance certificate
I-9 Form used to prove your identity
W-2 states the amount of money earned and taxes paid throughout that year
paycheck paper check with stub least secure method of payment
direct deposit employers directly deposit your paycheck into your bank account
payroll card a card that electronically hold your money
pay period the length of time for which an employees wages are calculated
gross income the amount of money that you have before payroll withholdings
FICA federal insurance contribution act
human capital the process of self investment
transferable skills skills that you can use from one job to the next
job a specific task done as a part of the routine of one's occupation.
occupation a wide category of jobs with similar characteristics.
barter an exchange in goods for other goods with out using money
want a desire for something that you do not need
need something essential for life
value the regard that an item is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something
paper currency paper money
the first people to create a good form of money the Chinese
what do values influence Influenced by family, friends, teachers, coaches, television, and movies
how do values influence wants If being popular or having all of the newest gadgets is valued, a person may have a lot of wants
decision a choice that is made about things that effect a persons
routine made on a daily basis and don't require a lot of thinking
major decison a large decision that takes a lot of time to think through and can effect many things in your life
goal a plan for the future
short term goal a goal for that will be reached in the next year
long term goal a goal that will be reached within the next 5 years
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