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Personal Finance

Mr. Hilton

Required charges by the local state and government Taxes
1st step of the decision making process Find the problem
2nd step of the decision making process List the alternatives and their pros and cons
3rd step of the decision making process Describe the solution
4th step of the decision making process Evaluate the results
A_____ is something that would mean a lot to that person or has good value Value
A____ is something you must have for survival Need
A____ is something you don't need for survival Want
A____ is a deposit directly deposited into your account Direct Deposit
A____ is a form that provides gross income withheld for taxes W-4
A____ is a form for filing taxes W-2
The process of self investment. Human capital
Skills that are learned and used for other uses and careers Transferable Skills
The trade for one thing for another. Barter
A___ money given to an employee for a completed job. Paycheck
A_____ is a nonelectrical device use for carrying money. Payroll Card
A_____ is a form used for knowing the states wages and taxes I-9
A cluster of related jobs requiring the same skills. Career
Well-being is the state of being_____,______,and _______. Healthy, happy, wealthy
The S in Smart goals is _____ Specific
The M in Smart goals is ____ Measuarable
The A in Smart goals is ____ Attainable
The R in Smart goals is ____ Realistic
The T in Smart goals is ____ Time-Bound
A ____ is the length of time for which an employees wages are calculated Pay Period
A____ is a goal that can be completed in a one year period Short term goal
A_____ is a goal that can be completed in over a one year period Long term goal
A education goal is a goal that helps with your____ and ____ Education and Workplace
A financial goal is a goal that helps with your _____ and ____ money and financing
What does the S in SMART goals stand for Specific:state what needs to be done
What does the M in SMART goals stand for Measurable: how the goal can be measured
What does the A in SMART goals stand for Attainable: what steps need to be taken to complete the goal
What does the R in SMART goals stand for Realistic: don't set unrealistic goals
What does the T in SMART goals stand for Time-Bound: when your goal will be completed
A____ is something someone intends to complete Goal
A____ is a specific task done as a part of ones routine Job
A_____ is a wide category of jobs Occupation
A career is influenced by ( get two right) Family, money, business, well-being
What does a
Social Security is for____and_____ Elderly and disabled
Medicare is healthcare for_____and_____ Elderly and disabled
FICA stands for Insurance Contribution Act
Net income is Total income after all deductions
Gross income is Total deductions from net income
Withholding tax is the amount required from tax by tax
Payroll Withholding is Amount of money subtracted from taxes
Your personal info is your Full name, address, and social security number, or identification number
Your year-to-date is All money that have been withheld from an individuals paycheck from Jan 1st to the last day of the pay period
You can become worth more by Investigating in your human capital
A decision is A choice of things that affect a persons life.
A routing decision is Made on a day to day basis and do not require much thought or time.
A major decision is A long term effects on a persons life.
A financial decision Impacts an individual's well being.
If you put a 0 on your form the government takes out the Most money
A W-4 form determines Taxes
A form I-9 does what Identifies people
What is a W-4 form also known as Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate
Form W-2 is used to file taxes by what date April 15th
Net Income is also referred to as Home pay
What should you always check on a form The correct name
What percent does government take from your paycheck 30%
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