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Lesson 9

Auto-Outline A feature that automatically groups selected rows in Excel
Autofilter A built-in set of filtering capabilities
Collapse To condense groups into single-row headings called outlines
Criterion A condition you specify to limit which records are returned when filtering data. The plural of criteria
Data File An electronic file that stores a series of records in a relatively simple format
Database A comparatively complex system that can store a large amount of related data, which requires a program to be able to assess and render that data
Delimiter A character that separates data entries from one another
Filter A restriction that Excel uses to determine which worksheet rows to display
Grouping Organizing data so it can be viewed as a collapsible and expandable outline
Macro A series of step you record that you might want to repeat frequently to save time
Outline Single-row headings
Outline Symbol Symbols that add controls next to the row and column headings to change the view of an outlined worksheet
Parse To separate into components. Also, to interpret character by character
Quick Format Predefined formatting in Excel that enables you to apply an elaborate format that makes a table look sleek and professional
Slicer One of the ways to filter a table so that it shows only records containing a certain object. A slicer is selection panel that floats above a worksheet (the way a chart does)
Subtotal The sum of values that are grouped together
Table A range of cells in a worksheet that contains related data and can be used by a lookup function
Validation A feature in Excel that ensures data is entered correctly, before it is processed incorrectly
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